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Kelvin Multitool Urban Super Tool - 23 Tools In One

Updated on February 18, 2016

A Gift I Found More Useful Than I Expected

My best friend and roommate gave me one of these Kelvin.23 multi-tools, a sort of pocket-sized all-in-one toolbox without the actual box, as a gift. At first I thought it would be a bit too big to be practical and I honestly didn't use it too much in the beginning. But one day I was looking for a lost shoe under my bed and didn't know where I'd left any of the flashlights in my home. Then I remembered my multi-tool had a flashlight in it and I knew right where it was at. The flashlight function worked surprisingly well and it proved to be plenty bright enough to help me easily find my missing footwear in the scary clutter under my bed.

I used it on and off for the next several months but I didn't really appreciate the versatility and the sturdiness of this miracle of engineering until we moved to a new apartment.

We used the measuring tape to help us decide where to put furniture and hang pictures. We used the built-in hammer to pound in hooks and nails to hold paintings, pictures, and the calendar. We also used the Kelvin's screwdriver tips to remove the legs of the dining table for moving and to reattach them when we set it back up in the new apartment. The LED light shines right where you are working when you use the screwdriver at the 180 degree setting.

The multitool proved invaluable for moving and setting up my 90+ gallon aquarium. The measuring tape came into play for tank placement and the screwdriver tips for disassembling and reassembling the tank stand. But the level was the thing that was worth solid gold in setting up the aquarium. If you don't get an aquarium that size absolutely level when you set it up you are setting yourself up for disaster or at least a whole lot of work emptying it and leveling it again.

Ever since the move, I don't think I've gone more than a week or so without using my Kelvin. I've heard it called an urban super-tool but I wouldn't go quite that far. I do like it, though. I most frequently use the measuring tape, the screwdriver, and the hammer but it's nice to have the other tools handy.

I'd also like to mention the geek-o-riffic coolness factor of the screwdriver arm. There's a button that slides on the side of the tool that deploys it like a switchblade! It adds absolutely nothing as far as practicality but I find it squeal-inducing when someone says, "I need a screwdriver" and I can snick my multitool button and have one spring out, ready for action. It's also magnetized so it will pick a screw right up out of a deep setting.

A side view of an open Kelvin.23 multi-tool
A side view of an open Kelvin.23 multi-tool | Source

These videos give a better idea of the size and functionality of the Kelvin.23 multitool than a still image can.

While a bit salesy, this video gives a great overview of the tool.

Get a good look at the included tools in this video.

See the Kelvin in action!

What are the 23 tools included in a Kelvin.23 urban multi-tool?

* A hammer surface that works for light to medium hammering.

* 16 different screwdriver tips that fit on the flip-out screwdriver arm.

* 2 strong magnets built into the sides of the screwdriver arm.

* An angle function that locks the screwdriver arm at either 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

* A liquid level.

* A metal measuring tape just over five feet long.

* A bright LED flashlight.

The level in the top works grea, but be careful of putting it atop glass. There's a hammer underneath that could crack anything delicate if you set it down too hard.
The level in the top works grea, but be careful of putting it atop glass. There's a hammer underneath that could crack anything delicate if you set it down too hard. | Source

If you have a Kelvin.23, a Leatherman's multitool, and a Ratcheting ReadyWrench you'll just about have a complete toolkit that will fit into an average-sized ladies' handbag. Just be sure you have a sturdy handbag because that ReadyWrench is pretty heavy for its size!

A standard Leatherman's tool has pliers, wire cutters, blades, and even a saw. Aside from a couple of screwdriver tips, there's very little overlap. The Ready Wrench works on a wide variety of nuts and bolts.

Black & Decker RRW100 Ratcheting ReadyWrench
Black & Decker RRW100 Ratcheting ReadyWrench

Add this adjustable wrench to the Kelvin and a Leatherman's multitool and you have as close as you can come to a complete toolkit with just three items.


© 2013 Kylyssa Shay

What is your favorite multi-task tool?

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    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 3 years ago from chichester

      What an awesome tool! Thanks for sharing

    • flycatcherrr profile image

      flycatcherrr 3 years ago

      I've always been a bit of a freak for Swiss Army knives and Leatherman tools, but this is the first time I've run across a multitool like your Kelvin.23. That's just so cool, that it even has a tape measure in it, not to mention the magnets on the screwdriver. (I can see the magnets would be handy to hold a couple spare screws when you're stuffed into a tight spot, trying to reattach a panel or the like.) Leatherman multitools are great for out hiking and camping, but it occurs to me that this Kelvin would replace a whole lot of basic tools for household repairs and maintenance, all in one tidy little package you could just keep in the kitchen junk drawer. This would make a great housewarming gift, for someone going into a new apartment, or for a student going off to live in a college dorm - thanks for the idea!