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Three Great, Modern LED Desk Lamps: 2017 Reviews

Updated on December 29, 2016

Which are the best LED desk lamps for home or office use?

You've probably seen them before, those tiny little lights with the brilliant clarity. LED lights have gone from being an expensive novelty to becoming a legitimate contender in the home lighting arena. An LED powered desk lamp is one of the best options available today, and though it might not be your top choice at the moment, I'm hoping to change your mind on the subject.

LED bulb desk lights are rapidly becoming a viable option for everyday home use, due to a number of fantastic features that both incandescent and fluorescent alternatives simply cannot match. The light quality is a lot better than you'd expect, and they'll save you a ton of money over the long run.

This article will be taking a look at a couple of the top LED desk lamps around today, and we'll be giving an in-depth review of a few top contenders. I'm going to focus on features, light quality and of course price tag. I'll also touch briefly on what makes an LED lamp for your desk a better choice than other options. In addition, I want to help you identify the right brands to go for (not all lamps are made equal). Let's get started!

Why LED makes sense

If you're accustomed to the light quality and simplicity of standard lamps with replaceable incandescent bulbs, you might be a little wary to go for an all-in-one solution like this, especially when the light quality and usability can be questionable. However, these lights are better for your vision, easier on the wallet and offer much more functionality than what you're used to. Here's why:

More Energy Efficient:

An LED desk lighting solution like the products I've listed above will save you money by using very little electricity. Most will use a fraction of the juice that an incandescent fixture (or even a fluorecent bulb) will draw. They generally cost more at the outset, but over the years you'll save a lot on both energy and replacement bulbs.

More Durable and Long Lasting:

Reading and office LED desk lamps are a lot more durable than a conventional fixture, and the bulbs last for a lot longer too. LED bulbs are very small in size and can take a beating before they conk out. All the lights I listed above are quite robust and can handle 20+ years of daily use. That makes the initial entry price a lot easier to stomach.

Light Quality is King:

Most LED office desk lamps have a bad reputation when it comes to light quality. It's true that the earliest LED lights weren't that great to read by, but recent innovations have led to lighting that's actually better on the eyes than standard light fixtures. The great thing about an LED is its ability to shift spectrum depending on your needs. You can have a brighter, colder and more energizing light for work scenarios, and then switch to a warmer, softer tone for reading or night use.

Satechi's Sleek, Futuristic LED Desk Lamp

If you're going LED, you might as well go for all the bells and whistles while you're at it. It's nice when those extra features don't cost a lot. This LED desk and reading lamp by Satechi is a wonderful example of a feature rich light with a very reasonable price tag.

First off, the light is gorgeous. It's very sleek and the modern gloss finish is right at home in a high end home or office space. It's available in modern black or white.

It's also extremely adjustable. You can rotate the base of the light up to 130 degrees, and there are two pivot points along the length as well. You can basically adjust the light positioning to any point you need it. It's really compact and unobtrusive as it is, but if you really want it out of the way, it folds almost flat.

The light quality is the prime selling point for me. There are four 'modes' that you can choose between that alter how the light is displayed (one of the advantages of LED bulbs is the ability to dim or change the warmth and color). The higher intensity 'study mode' promotes concentration and energy, while the lowest 'sleep mode' is a lovely soft light with zero strain.

It comes with convenient touch controls, and you can even use the USB port to charge your devices. And because it's an LED fixture, it will last for over 40,000 hours of steady use; that's over 20 years!

Prism: A Good, Foldable, Anti-Glare LED Desk Lamp

A slightly different take in terms of style and design, this LED lamp for desk or office use is beautiful, functional and incredibly slick. What's more, the light quality is extremely good and will promote workflow all day with virtually no eye strain.

The design is perfect for the modern office: minimal, sleek and refined. It takes up very little space on your desk, and it's also 'visually compact', meaning that it won't contribute to a cluttered feel in your workspace.

The light design is great and throws a lot, and it folds vertically to give you a lot of control over where the light is cast. As for quality, there is a built-in glare filter that keeps the spectrum at the perfect level for human eyes. You'll notice the lack of eye strain over the course of a day.

You can control the brightness by touching the control at the base of the light stick, and this incremental control is one of the reasons this is in my top three. It uses a fraction of the energy that a conventional incandescent bulb would, and the whole unit is rated to last for around 25 years of steady use. It has a 3-year warranty against defect.

Definitely among the best LED desk lights here, perfect for reading or office use, highly recommended.

OXYLED: The Perfect LED Desk Light For Eye Strain

If you're someone that struggles from periodic eye strain and stress, and the concept of an LED desk lamp or lighting solution makes you a little nervous, you might want to consider this lamp by OXYLED. The lamp is designed to mitigate this kind of strain as much as possible, and they've taken steps to improve upon previous design trends.

First off, this lamp is intended to minimize 'ghosting', which is caused when you have a lamp with multiple light sources and bulbs. Ghosting can cause a false depth and excess stress, and this lamp utilizes a wide light area that creates a consistent brightness with minimal shadows.

In addition, this lamp is built for reading purposes and desk work, because there is a built-in glare filter and no flicker at all.

The lamp fixture itself is beautiful, and it has a refined and modern appeal. There are six different brightness settings depending on your particular needs. The neck is flexible and can be rotated, so you can position it wherever you need it.

With a tiny power requirement and a lifespan exceeding 25 years, this one is a keeper. It also has fantastic customer reviews, and it's available well under $100, making it a bargain when compared to other models.


Why These Lamps In Particular? A Note On Brands:

LED lighting has become pretty ubiquitous in our society. A few years ago they were hard to find, but now you'll have them in your phone, in your computer screen, on vehicle taillights, and in light bulbs and fixtures.

As they become more popular, more producers are turning to produce LED bulbs and lamps. However, I do recommend you stick closely to brands you know and recognize, and only choose LED desk lamps with positive reviews from a wide array of customers. Here's why:

  • Cheap quality LED desk lights won't last for as long as better brands. They are not as durable, and the lights are not made with care. That means you'll end up replacing each fixture every couple of years, which can be annoying, especially with the 'all-in-one' lamps that are popular these days.
  • Cheaper lamps with LED bulbs tend to eat up more power than their better made counterparts. Inefficient wiring means that excess energy is shed in the form of heat, raising your power bill and minimizing one of the main positive features. Go with a good brand and you'll notice a lower bill.
  • Light quality on low quality LEDs is noticeably worse than you'll find with high end brands. You'll experience a lot more eye stress and strain, as well as headache. Why invest in a lamp you'll never want to use?

Ultimately, brands will charge more for their products. The initial expense can be hard to swallow, but you'll be paid dividends for a smart purchase over the long run.

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