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3 Things to Keep in Mind when Looking for Teak Furniture at a Furniture Store

Updated on September 20, 2015

If you are looking for high quality, stylishly designed and durable teak furniture for a modern living room, your options are many. However, sometimes this very wide range of furniture available, both at online and offline stores, can be the reason you are confused as to what to pick. Whether you want to choose a teak wood sofa or a new dining table, it is best to first choose a reliable furniture store that not only has in stock the best of designs and color options, but will also give you guarantee for the furniture.

While the most obvious way to choose the right furniture for your home is to pick styles, colors and textures that blend well with the existing décor style, there are a few other factors that come in to play.

Teak wood chair
Teak wood chair


When browsing through the available choices at a furniture store, make sure only high quality of teak wood is used to make the furniture. Ask questions about where the material has been sourced from and take a look at the certification that comes with your furniture. Since teak wood furniture is more expensive than softwood and plywood furniture, you want to ensure that the complete furniture piece, including the base materials and the sections hidden under upholstery fabrics in furniture pieces like sofa and chairs are also made from durable teak, and not a cheaper and weaker wood alternative.


One of the things that make the biggest impact when you choose teak furniture for a modern living room is the design. The right design for your home will be one that is in perfect sync with your existing décor. Even though teak is a natural solid wood that is most often used to make classic traditional furniture pieces, you will find that today a modern furniture store will offer you many contemporary designs as well, with straight, elegant lines and a glossy finish that would blend perfectly with your modern interiors. However, make sure that you never compromise comfort and durability for the sake of design; do test the furniture piece thoroughly before buying it and check to ensure all construction details are sturdy.

Teak wood book cupboard
Teak wood book cupboard


Teak wood furniture is long lasting and therefore, you want to pick something that will be highly usable, as you will be spending a considerable chunk of money for your new furniture. When picking a teakwood sofa, choose a timeless design that will look great gracing your living room for years to come, rather than a design that will look dated within a couple of seasons. When buying chests, display units, center tables or dining tables, make sure that you pick a design with lots of intelligent storage options incorporated to enhance the functionality and usability of your furniture, giving you more value for your money.

Teak wood treasure chest and low table
Teak wood treasure chest and low table

Teak furniture is long lasting and looks elegant, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your interiors in a way only solid wood furniture can. It lends a sense of warmth and sophistication to your modern living room, which is why it is very important to invest a little time to choose your furniture with care, so that it brings you joy and comfort for many years to come.

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