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4 Uses For Baking Soda

Updated on October 27, 2014

Baking Soda

I could probably right an article just on how much I love baking soda but that would not be very helpful .It is just amazing in my opinion. I always keep it on hand because I use this product on a daily basis for one thing or another. It is extremely affordable at about .60 a box. And it is non toxic!

Baking soda had hundreds of uses but I have narrowed down my top 4 favorite uses to share with you. Hopefully they will become some of your favorites too.

1. Septic Care

Keep your pipes flowing smooth with baking soda. By adding 1/2 cup of baking soda down your drains once a week, you can prevent build up and help to keep a favorable ph in your septic tank.

This is such an easy way to keep your system flowing freely.

2. Insect Bites

This miracle powder works wonders on all sorts of insect bites! I never go camping without it. You just add a little water and make a salve to rub on the affected area.

Again this is such a wonderful non toxic alternative to other ointments for bug bites.

Also , for itchy/dry skin, simply pat baking soda into damp sking after your shower or bath for gentle relief.

3. Clean Baby Clothes

Babies can be tough on clothes. Food, formula and spit up can leave some serious stains. But little ones have very sensitive skin that can not handle some of the harsh chemicals that are in laundry detergents.

Baking soda is great in this situation! It is an amazing deodorizer and great at getting out stains. Simply add a cup of baking soda into the wash with the baby clothes and you have a natural, non -harmful laundry detergent sensitive enough for all ages!

What is your favorite natural cleaner?

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Baking soda is an effective and SAFE way to ease an upset stomach or heartburn.

It works pretty quickly. I used this while I was pregnant with my youngest child to help combat my horrible morning sickness.

Always ask a doctor before taking if you are on any medications/restricted diets.

While I have only listed my favorite 4 uses for baking soda, there are hundreds of others ways that it can be used. Check out for some great information straight from the source!


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