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5 Creative Ideas for That Extra Room You Have

Updated on September 4, 2020

Whether you had an adult child who recently moved out or you purchased a home with an extra room, you now have extra space in your home that you may not know what to do with. Fortunately, you only limit your options, when you don't think outside of the box. With these ideas, you'll have a room you love that's useful.

1. Quiet Space

One idea for your extra room is a quiet space where you can escape after a rough day of parenting, work, or whatever stresses you out in life. Add some plants to the room to set the ambiance and create a natural-looking setting. Place yoga mats in the room for a place where you can come to meditate or practice yoga. Set up an area with bean bag chairs for a reading area.

If you want mood music to relax to, you could also include a stereo system to listen to calming music while you relax after a hard day or before you have to tackle a stressful. Additionally, you may want to situate a few candles in the room to create a space that smells inviting.

2. Home Office

For those who work from home or own a small business, a home office is a sensible choice for that extra space. You have a designated place where you can work from and store all of your important contracts and other paperwork. You'll have your printer, computer, and all other electronics you use for your business in one place. Moreover, you have a professional, quiet space away from the rest of your home where you can client calls and video conferences. Use it as an area to store all of your important documents, so you know where they are when you need them.

Even if you don't own a small business, work from home, or take your work home, you could benefit from a home office. You can make this the room you use to pay bills and take care of other household tasks. Your kids can use the space a room to complete schoolwork or homework, where they don't have other distractions to keep their focus from the task at hand.

Moreover, a home office can enhance the value of your home, as noted by CBS News. Often, when you convert a room into a specific purpose, it takes away from the value of your home, so this is something to consider when you decide on what to do with that extra space.

3. Sewing/Craft Room

When you partake in sewing or other hobbies, you know all your supplies can take up space. If you currently use half of another for your sewing room, you might not have the dream space that inspires.

With a sewing or craft room, you can have everything you need to let your creativity flow in one confined, organized space. You can designate different areas of the room as different stations for your crafting to make any project easier to complete, whether you want to sew one day, wrap presents for the next special occasion, or create homemade jewelry on a rainy day.

4. Media Room

A media room is another option, and you can use this room as a place to spend Friday nights lounging and enjoying the latest flick. You can create an area where you have control of the sound and lighting to establish a close-to-movie-theater experience.

In fact, when you have a media room, you may customize everything from your paint to your carpeting and fixtures to assist with sound control.

Plus, with the right media room setup, you can make the space into a multipurpose room, so you don't have a space in your home that only has limited use.

5. Home Gym

If you like to workout but the commute to the gym is often a deal-breaker, you may also want the convenience of a home gym. You'll have a designated area where you can focus on nothing but getting exercise with the equipment that you enjoy the most. You might even want to consider a refrigerator where you can store beverages to replenish your fluid levels during a workout. On the other hand, maybe you want an area with a stereo to play the music that motivates you.

These five ideas can put that extra space you have to practical use. However, you need to take into consideration the needs and desires of you and your family.


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