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5 Fabulous Focal Points for House Interiors

Updated on May 6, 2015

Focal Point Interior House Plan Design

Focal Points for House Interiors
Focal Points for House Interiors | Source

Jazz Up Home Interiors

Ever wondered how some remarkable central theme can make home interiors absolutely appealing? A creatively chosen focal point simply becomes the heart of a room and can potentially hypnotize its viewer. It could be anything like – a fabulous painting, a cool aquarium, a contemporary fireplace, or something perfect that captures your attention.

Ideas For Striking Focal Points

Selecting the central theme for your house plan design can be a big deal. We look at the few ideas that will allow for fine-looking abodes.

1. Brilliant Paintings and Beautiful Artworks

Imagine an exquisite panting placed right behind the master sofa. This articulate aroma is sure to draw everyone’s attention. Such type of art work also adds glossiness and illumination. However, keep in mind the size and the flavour of the art. Choose an artwork or a painting with the appropriate knowledge as per the space in the room.

Painting for House Plan Design

Beautiful Painting in the Living  Room for House Plan design
Beautiful Painting in the Living Room for House Plan design | Source

2. The Glowing Ceilings

Ceilings are known to glam up residential interiors, ceilings with LED lightnings have the potential to enthrall its viewer. These illuminations make your room look spacious. However, while choosing ceiling as the key point of your home, decide proper color schemes for it.

Beautiful LED Ceilings

Beautiful LED Ceilings for your Home
Beautiful LED Ceilings for your Home | Source

3. Distinguished Architectural Feature

If you need to add an architectural feature to the interiors in duplex homes, go for a beautifully decorated aquarium placed at the middle of the hall as a central point. Then consider placing the furniture in accordance with the aquarium.

Architectural Feature House Plan Design

Beautiful Aquarium Four Your House Plan Design
Beautiful Aquarium Four Your House Plan Design | Source

4. Mesmerising Window View

Not everyone is lucky to have view of an expansive beach or a green valley from their balcony. Buildings that are located in picturesque area can benefit upon the same by having large and oversized windows. The windows will metamorphose the outside view as one of the best focal point for home interiors you could ever imagine.

Window With Beautiful Outside View
Window With Beautiful Outside View | Source

5. Alluring Shades

“Using colour is perhaps the easiest way to create a focal point in a room because the eye is naturally drawn to the brightest or darkest colours in a space. To create a colourful focal point, keep the general colour scheme of the room in a neutral palette. Use soft brown or gray on the walls, sofa and rugs. Use a bold pop of colour like tangerine or turquoise on your focal point, whether it is a chair, wall or piece of art. Tie the colour into the rest of the room by using small accents of your chosen colour in throw pillows or small accessories in the room.” Source: HomeGuides

Painting a unique colour to the door with a little bit of texture can create a stunning and an eye catching effect in interior design.

How to choose a Focal Point for House Plan Design?

  1. Determine the 'prime' feature as a focal point like- a fireplace, a picture window, or a built-in bookcase.
  2. If you fail to have a distinguishing architectural feature, then choose from among the largest furniture pieces as the central theme.
  3. A focal point should be something interesting, colourful, texturally and visually appealing.

“Use light where possible to create a focal point. Our eyes are drawn to the natural light and movement created by a view - be it a cityscape or a stunning landscape - so a window which is an unusual shape or has an interesting aspect is a designers dream. Artificial lighting in the form of chandeliers or suspension lights are very popular and on trend, and there are some outstanding pieces available to suit everyone's budget.” Source: Idai

  1. Artwork, floral arrangements, paint colour, etc, could be some other options.
  2. As focal point is the 'first thing' one notices on entering a room, it will be great to build your furniture arrangement around it.
  3. If you are blessed with a beautiful outside view, orient the furniture inside and out-of-doors to take advantage of window areas.


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