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5 Great Gardening Tools For Under $50

Updated on December 1, 2013

When spring rolls around and the gardening bug bites yet again we all seem to utilize the same types of gardening tools we have used for years, but there are tons of great gardening tools for under $50 available to make life easier. No, these are not some space-aged gadgets that require an advanced degree in horticulture to understand and use, just some smart ideas that can be purchased "on the cheap" to make gardening more enjoyable with less physical labor involved. Here are some of the best buys that were discovered on a recent internet search:

The Gardener's Hollow Leg

This is a simple bag measuring 10 inches at the mouth and 23 inches in depth that offers an adjustable shoulder strap and can hold more than your old fashioned five gallon garden bucket. This neat gardening tool can be used to carry weeds or collect your harvest, leaving both hands free to perform the work at hand. The Gardener's Hollow Leg can usually be purchased for under $30 and even has a soft handle on the bottom to make emptying more ergonomic.

Black & Decker PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

One of the smartest gardening tools out there is theBlack & Decker PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor - a technological marvel that is pushed into the soil and provides useful feedback on soil conditions, available sunlight, the amount of moisture present or needed and much more. This wonderful device belongs in every garden tool set and at a price of about $50 can be used in conjunction with just about anything you can grow.

Knee N’ Back Pad

It doesn't matter what your age or physical condition the hard fact is that after 3 hours of crouching while tending to your garden plants something on your body is bound to start hurting. The Knee N’ Back Pad can help prevent a majority of the pain associated with gardening by providing a useful 2 inch thick soft pad to kneel on that is also water resistant at a cost of around $25.

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Using three AAA batteries the ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Lantern covers an area of 15 feet, making it a location that mosquitoes and other flying insects will avoid. This lantern is attractive, odorless and silent - and best of all it works great for under $25.

Easy Seeder

Have you ever had trouble planting seeds evenly and well spaced? Well, the Easy Seeder does the math for you by providing a plastic guide that is positioned in a furrow and places each seed exactly where it belongs. This belongs in every garden tool set and can ensure that every inch of your garden is utilized for maximum yield. The Easy Seeder comes in 11 inch and 23 inch sets and can be purchased for under $10.

While there are tons of other great gardening tools for under $50 available on the market these are a good point to start in addressing common garden problems. If you search the internet you may be pleasantly surprised to discover many others that suit your specific gardening needs.


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