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5 Tips For Using Bicarbonate of Soda Around The Home

Updated on August 24, 2012
Bicarbonate of Soda
Bicarbonate of Soda | Source

Bicarbonate is one of the most versatile yet very underused products around the home and in daily life. In this article I will give you 5 quick tips that you can use to incorporate bicarbonate of soda into your cleaning routine and in your daily life. Bicarbonate of soda is a great choice over more common conventional cleaning products as it's a natural product, odour free, cheap and extremely effective. It is also great for you and your families health eliminating as many harmful chemicals as possible from your home.

#1 - Stainless Steel & Chrome

The first tip I will give you is for cleaning stainless steel & chrome items and appliances. These are materials that get marked and dirty with fingermarks extremely easily. Conventional cleaning products that are used for this purpose are often very strong and in a spray form, leading to the chemicals getting over surfaces which you didn't want. Try using this tip, Rub the stainless stell or chrome item with a warm moist cloth and some dry bicarbonate of soda to the moist area. This is very lightly abrasive and won't scratch any surfaces. Leave the mix for a few minutes and then simply rinse off the solution and dry.

#2 - Deodorizing Containers

The second tip I will give you is for cleaning and deodorizing old containers. After use plastic tends to pick up smells of what was contained inside or anything with a strong smell in it's local environment leaving you with hard to deal with stains. Instead of throwing the containers away try this tip! Use the following solution to wash and clean your old containers and bring them a new lease of life. Mix around 2-3oz of bicarbonate of soda with 1.5-2pints of warm water. Leave the solution in the containers for a few hours (the longer the better) and then rinse away the solution.

#3 - Wooden Cutting Boards

The Third tip I will give you is for cleaning wooden cutting boards. Wood tends to pick up strong smells and expands when moisture is applied. If you are cutting up fish for example then as you know fish smells and is moist, meaning that the smell is more likely to be absorbed into the wood, leaving you with a smelly cutting board, which is something we don't want. Try this solution to remove the smells. Mix 1 part water to 3-4 parts bicarbonate of soda to make a paste like texture. Apply this mixture to the board and leave to do it's work for around 15minutes, once the time is up rinse the board with warm water and the smells should have disappeared!

#4 - Barbecue Grills

The fourth tip I will give you is for cleaning barbecue grills. Your grill will become ever increasingly dirty as you use it, the more you use it the harder it is to clean. A clean grill is essential for hygiene of the food you are cooking and gives a better surface allowing food to cook faster and will leave less mess. Conventional cleaners will leave the grill wet meaning that when you apply the product on a warm grill the smell will contaminate the grill. Try this mixture to clean your grill and leave it with no chemical odours! Mix equal parts of water and bicarbonate of soda and apply to the grill with a clean wire brush. Work in the mixture and leave to sit for 5 minutes, then wipe away the mixture with a dry cloth. Leaving you with a clean, de-greased grill!

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#5 - Tiles & Bathroom

The fifth and final tip I will give you is for cleaning your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the easiest parts of your home to clean due to the materials it is furnished with, but chemical loaded cleaners leave the room filled with odour and can damage your health, especially when warm moisture in the air is reacting with the chemicals allowing them to travel through the air more. Try these mixtures to clean your bathroom chemical free! Mix 3 parts warm water with 1 part bicarbonate of soda and 1 part salt in a spray bottle. This solution can be used to clean tiles, bath, sink and toilet. You can add a squeeze of lemon or lime for a nice fresh fragrance and some extra cleaning kick! For grout and tougher stains try applying some dry bicarbonate of soda on the area and the scrub with a warm moist scrubbing pad.


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      @SoaresJCSL thanks for the feedback! I have some of the same articles written for salt & vinegar, check them out.

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      What a great hub with a lot of (good / useful) information!!!

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