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5 Tips For Using Vinegar Around The Home

Updated on August 24, 2012
Vinegar | Source

Vinegar is one of the greatest substances available for cleaning that we know of! It has a wide variety of cleaning uses, Cuisine uses, DIY, Health & Beauty etc. Vinegar is a great alternative to chemical ridden cleaning products. Using vinegar is better for the environment, cheaper than most cleaning products, doesn't stain or damage surfaces and is great for people allergic to chemicals. In this article I will share with you 5 quick tips on how to use vinegar to clean around your home!

#1 - Ceramic Wall Tiles

The first tip I will give you for using vinegar to clean with is cleaning ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are relatively easy to clean and keep clean as they are designed to maintain is a moist environment, this leads to them also getting dirty easy too. Conventional cleaning products are capable of cleaning tiles well but they leave you with a room filled with chemicals and strong smells and the spray might contaminate soaps or any cleaning products that are out in the open and exposed. Vinegar does the cleaning and is safe for your environment. Try this vinegar mix. 1 part white distilled vinegar to 3 parts warm water, apply to a cloth and wipe the tiles clean. This solution serves two purposes by also preserving the colour of the tile grout.

#2 - Deodorizing Drains

The second tip I will give you for using vinegar to clean with is deodorizing drains. Drains will start to smell if they become blocked up or are used regularly and not cleaned at regular intervals. Rotting food accompanied with moisture is one of the worst smells that you can picture. Conventional cleaning products are well suited for this task, but replace the smell with strong odours and are very strong leaving the surrounding area contaminated with chemicals and will need more cleaning as opposed to using the following solution. Using a funnel pour around 1/2, 3/4 cup of bicarbonate of soda followed by 1 cup of white distilled vinegar down the drain you are cleaning. When the foaming settles down rinse the drain with hot water from the tap, after this step leave the drain alone for 5-10minutes and then rinse again but this time with cold tap water killing any bacteria that may be left over.

#3 - Hob/Hotplates

The third tip I will give you for using vinegar to clean with is Hobs/hotplates. Being one of the most used items within the kitchen it's no surprise how dirty a hob gets in a quick period of time. As mentioned earlier chemical based cleaning products leave a strong smell and may contaminate the food out by travelling in the air. Try this tip for using vinegar to clean you hob. Take a cloth and apply some white distilled vinegar (not mixed with any water) and apply to the areas that need cleaning. The acidity of the vinegar will remove any tough stains and leave a fresh smell as well as not contaminating the surrounding area.

#4 - Microwave

The fourth tip I will give you for using vinegar to clean with is your microwave. Most people who use a microwave to cook food in more often than not don't cover up the plate or dish that they have in the microwave, leading to food ending up all over the microwave. Using chemical based products in a microwave can be dangerous for your health if you clean the microwave and then put food in there to cook. The heat will amplify the chemicals and may contaminate your food. Try using this vinegar mix to clean your microwave. Place a glass bowl of 1/4 cup vinegar in 1 cup of water, turn on your microwave for 5-6 minutes on the highest setting and let the mix do it's work. Once the mixture has cooled, grab a cloth and use the mixture to wipe away any dirt that is inside the microwave. This will also remove any strong odours that may have been present.

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#5 - Fireplaces

The fifth and final tip I will give you for using vinegar to clean with is your fireplace. Fireplaces built up blackened soot on the glass front doors. This can be messy and tough to remove without having some heat on the glass doors which is dangerous. Glass cleaning products are effective but they will give off chemical odours when heat is applied again from the fire. Try this mixture to keep your fireplace looking great. Add an equal amount of warm water and vinegar to a spray bottle, spray the solution onto the glass and let it sit for 30seconds, take a clean cloth and wipe away the soot and leave your glass looking sparkling!


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