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5 Tips to Make an Office More Appealing and Productive

Updated on July 11, 2016


β€œ We Cannot Solve A Problem By Using The Same Kind Of Thinking We used When We Created Them.”- Albert Einstein

Laptops, tablets, phones, desktops, machinery, files and cabinets in an office can only make you feel at office, but can never increase your productivity. You can perform better only when your mind is refreshed and you feel at ease. Boring office cubicles, same old paint and a dull atmosphere will only make you feel claustrophobic.

β€œAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” All of us are aware of this proverb but never minutely focused on it. If we work at a stretch for 9 hours, it's very obvious that our productivity will fall after a certain level. To get the productivity high, we need to bring in some basic changes in the office.

Below are some points that will help increase the productivity of your employees and inspire them to work:-

Office Cubicles

Cut Short the Distractions

Nowadays with our laptops, phones and tablets, we carry a lot of things that can easily distract us from work. The Internet, music, games and different apps generally distract us while we are working. It's necessary to cut short these distractions.

Painting the office walls with soothing colors and keeping them clean will help in refreshing the mind of the workers and also the visitors visiting the office. You can include some interesting art work in your office but don't put them anywhere and everywhere. Put them in places where you think you can be distracted. While looking at those paintings you can concentrate your mind and again focus in your work.

No need of inspirational quotes because it looks really boring and old fashioned. Put some art works, scented flowers and beautiful flower vases in your office. It will enhance the office atmosphere and help your employees work better.

Manipulate the Noise

Noise is a very big distraction for people working in a silent place. Some people like hearing to music while working, whereas others work in silence. If your office consists of music loving people then you don't need to worry but if there is a combination of people, then you need to do some arrangements so that others do not get disturbed.

Music doesn't disturb always, sometimes it increases the productivity. Arrange your walls and ceilings in such a way that they can control and mange the sounds of music.

Get Your Furniture Right

Office furniture must be well-maintained and decorated. If your office consists of old and ragged furniture, your employees will not feel a natural urge to perform well. The Herman Miller Office Cubicles Orange County has the best collection of office cubicles. Stylish and comfortable office cubicles not only accelerates the creativity of employees but also make them fell like coming back to office again and again.

Furniture should not be too relaxing or too stiff. It must be comfortable enough to work in a much better way. Only then the employees will be inspired and will work with increased productivity.

Get Your Furniture Right

Good Lighting

Natural lighting is the best way of lighting up a room. However, natural light is not available in abundance to us always. So we need to shift to some artificial lighting and create an effect of a bright room. Lights can be put in different ways. They can be bright and glowing in some areas, whereas in other areas there can be dim and soothing lights.

You can also create different kinds of effect through lighting. You can let the lights change colors and create some drama in office and let creative minds enjoy it. Moreover, if the color of the wall is of a lighter shade then the lights will shine more brightly.

Feel Fresh and have Fun

The office should be clean and fresh, so that your employees remain healthy and well. A bunch of sick employees will do no good for your office. Maintain hygiene in your office canteen, clean the fridge every weekend and keep a cleaning crew in the office, so that the office doesn't become a place of deadly insects and rodents.

Create fun in your office by shifting the furniture, lights and changing colors. Placing different new flowers in your flower vase everyday, adding some marvelous paintings in your office, and spraying a fragmented room freshener in the office will add to the fun.

Feel Fresh and Have Fun


So, these are five great ideas through which you can inspire your employees and generate more creativity and productivity. Imply these in your office and be assured of a great change in the office atmosphere.


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