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5 Tricks to Get in a Cold Pool Faster!

Updated on July 17, 2015

As someone without a heater for the backyard pool, I know first hand how difficult it can be to fully step into the pool and take the plunge. Each step further into the liquid ice feels more and more like a piece of torture.

What’s even worse than that pain, is the punishment of watching other pool goers gleefully jump into the water like it’s nothing. I envy those people. Though, I should say, I used to envy those people.

I have five tips that make getting into cold pool water easier. I use these techniques myself, and it no longer takes me 20 to 35 minutes to fully swim and enjoy the pool. Here are some tips that you can use for your next unheated-pool day!



Sit on the pool ladder or first step and scoop up handfuls of water.

Then rub the water on your arms and legs. It prepares your body for the water temperature so that it won't feel as shocking by the time you venture into the pool.

Plus, this is such an easy method that you'll feel relaxed as you try it and unfazed by the pool temperature once you take the plunge into the water!



This idea sounds strange but it definitely works! Before your get into the pool, dip a big t-shirt into the pool water and then wear it for a few minutes.

By putting on and taking off the soaked shirt, you will be subjecting yourself to the temperature of the pool. Easy enough, right?!

After you remove the shirt and approach the pool, the temperature will not seem as cold and difficult.



This tip calls for patience and focus!

In an authoritative kind of voice, silently tell yourself to take a step deeper into the pool.

Exhale as you travel further and once you reach a new level, stand there for a bit and breathe in and out to relax yourself.

Continue this method and before you know it you’ll be standing flat-footed in the pool! But don’t forget to slowly exhale as you take each step and motivate yourself to go further!



This suggestion definitely requires courage, but if you’re serious about getting used to the water faster then you should attempt it.

Take two steps into the water (preferably up to your mid thigh), then jump into the water and immediately swim across the pool, completely underwater.

The bottom of the pool is always the coldest and once you feel this cold temperature, it would be best if you swim faster. Get that blood pumping and allow it to warm you up a bit.

By the time you surface the water won’t feel so shocking. Remember, you’re not simply plunging in the water only to quickly come up gasping for air as you shiver and scream that the water’s freezing. No no, none of that. This isn't a punishment. Rather, you’re showing some bravery and taking time to speedily adjust yourself to the temperature.

Personally, this is my favorite technique!!



This is the fastest and simplest technique: Before you even dip a toe into the pool, grab a garden hose if one is available, and turn on the water. Now here’s the fun part——Splash and spray yourself with the cold hose water!

Once your body is totally soaked, approach the pool. Trust me, your body will feel so numb from that frigid hose water that fully stepping into the pool will be a piece of cake. After all, hose water is always the coldest, far colder than the pool will be; therefore, the pool water will actually feel warm in comparison.

This technique is great because it is so quick, goofy, and positively refreshing!

It's really not as difficult as it looks. Haha
It's really not as difficult as it looks. Haha | Source

I sincerely hope these tips help to get you in the pool faster!

Don’t let the frigid water deter you away from a fantastic pool day!

Soak up the sun and enjoy the water! But remember to think positive: Don’t call the water cold. Call it refreshing!


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