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What's annoying in a shared laundry room

Updated on August 31, 2012

Sharing laundry is not always great

In the house that I'm living in there are 60 apartments, in our shared laundry we have two different rooms. The schedule to these two are a bit different and also the number of washers and dryers are a bit different. I normally book the one with more machines and less time because I rather do it quickly than all day.

Today is my laundry day and since I only have 2 hours time I just want everything to work out smoothly, but hey!, who said it would be easy?

So here comes my list of 5 annoying things with a shared laundry.

(I normally appreciate the fact that when something is broken in the laundry our landlord will fix it, and the machines are modern and effective. I just had a little breakdown.)

Annoying toplist

  1. Broken washer. When one of the three washers are still broken since last time I did my laundry I got really pissed. My whole plan just now fell into pieces. Now I wont be able to wash everything.
  2. Broken dryer. Okay, after I calmed down about the washer, and the first two machines are done, I want to put the wet laundry in the two dryers so that everything will be dry when I take it back up. Well isn't there so that one of the dryers isn't working either. Now I'm gonna have to hang lots of clothing in the apartment since I already began to wash two more machines....
  3. Fully booked schedule. Got a great idea about maybe book another time today. Hell no, It's fully booked all day.
  4. Not cleaned Today I didn't have to deal with it, but I really have a problem with neighbors of mine that never clean up after themselves in the laundry. It's not okay to just ignore the fact that someone will be doing laundry after you and that person probably doesn't want your hair/dust/whatever in their clothes.
  5. Dirty laundry I still have a big pile of dirty laundry. Now I have to do it over again.


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