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5 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tasks

Updated on May 3, 2013

Get Your Yard in Tip Top Shape for Spring with a Few Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tasks!

While I personally love being outdoors, the tasks involved with keeping a beautiful landscape can be tiresome, especially after winter has taken it's toll. Spring cleaning outside your home is just as important as it is on the inside!

There are several outdoor spring cleaning tasks that you can do to get your yard looking great while enjoying the great weather that accompanies spring. Best of all, with these five spring cleaning tasks your yard will look great and you will have a head start on the harder tasks that come with growing a lush, green lawn, beautiful flowers, and entertaining friends and family outdoors.

Image Source: Stephanie Manning

Tidy of the Flowerbeds

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Task #1

Tidying up your flowerbeds is one of many outdoor spring cleaning tasks that give instant gratification! Pruning back old, dead growth from last year can make a dramatic improvement. If you have lots of foliage plants such as calla lilies, banana trees, elephant ears, and other leafy plants, simply cutting back the brown leaves will leave your yard looking much better and also promote lush new growth on the plant.

After cutting back the old growth, the next spring task is to pluck out the unwanted new growth... by this I mean the weeds. The sooner you get started, the easier the job will be. By weeding your flowerbeds in the early spring as they begin to emerge, you will prevent the weeds from getting too big, seeding out and making more. I know, weeding is one of the disadvantages of gardening, but if you will take action as soon as the emerge, the task will be much easier. Follow up your weeding with a weed emergent to prevent further growth and you will find that weeding will be less daunting and needed less often. For a list of easy weed killers that are cheap and homemade, check out Homemade Weed Killer Recipes

Image Source: ThriftyFun

Freshen Up Yard Furniture!

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Task #2

Freshening up your yard and patio furniture is a simple, usually inexpensive, spring cleaning task for the yard. The weather can take a toll on outdoor furniture, leaving it stained with mildew or even chipping paint. Consider a good cleaning or a fresh coat of paint to brighten up dirty old furniture. Finish it off with new, bright colored cushions for a fresh, comfy new look!

Wash Your Home

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Task #3

You always clean the inside of your house, why not clean the outside? When people visit your home or even drive by, your home is one of the first things they see, and we all know how first impressions can be!

After a cold, wet winter, mildew can take it's toll. While you may not notice it at first glance, take a closer look, especially on the sides that get the least sun. And don't forget the windows! Clean windows will make your home look better, both inside and out.

Cleaning the outside of your home can sound like a big task, but with the right tools it can be quite simple. We wash the outside of our 2500 sq foot home in about two hours using a pressure washer. If you don't own one consider borrowing one from a family or neighbor or even renting one. They attach to your water hose and work wonders on blasting away mildew, grime, dust and dirt, and all the other deposits left by outdoor elements.

Creative Commons Image: OlgerFallasPainting on Flickr

3 Great Pressure Washers for Under $150

Of course, there are some awesome pressure washers that are strong enough to blast paint off the side of your house, but if all you are wanting to do is give it a good wash, then you don't need anything too serious. Of course the more power, the better and quicker the cleaning, but the cheaper the price, the better on your wallet.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning List
Outdoor Spring Cleaning List

Rake the Yard!

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Task #4

Raking the yard is another spring cleaning task that will give instant gratification! I suggest doing this after you have cleaned your flowerbeds so that you do not litter your clean yard with plant debris. Simply raking the yard and removing the leaves, yard debris and fallen limbs can make a huge difference. Doing so will also give the focus back to your flowers, walkways and yard decor.

Alpine Bird

Bath Fountain

Tidying up your lawn decor, ornaments, birdhouses, birdbaths and other decorations can make a drastic improvement to your lawn. After a few rough seasons, elements can take their toll on your cute little decorations leaving them dirty, ugly and even falling apart.

Giving your lawn decor a quick clean and sometimes a fresh coat of paint, can leave your yard and patio looking refreshed. Check for broken chimes, shipping paint, cracked flowerpots, and dirty ornaments. Wash, repaint or replace as needed.

Don't forget about your fountains, fish ponds, yard stakes, gazing balls, lawn statues and birdhouses. Be sure to check your birdhouses, bird feeders and birdbaths to make sure they are still sturdy and safe for the creatures you are providing them for.

We all faced with outdoor spring cleaning tasks. Some are more enjoyable than others and some more fulfilling. Which task do you think makes the biggest difference in the yard?

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Share you tips, suggestions and ideas for outdoor spring cleaning tasks!

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