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How to Decorate Your Room

Updated on January 25, 2020
Mohammad Saif profile image

Mohammad Saif is an aspiring Pakistani writer with the aim to reach out to the world and make a niche for himself.

Since the beginning of time, humans have adopted a sheltered lifestyle and found ways to individualize themselves from others. The early homosapiens carved figures on walls despite the lack of utility. These facts show that humans are naturally inclined towards aesthetically pleasing abodes and well, who doesn’t want a classy room to show off to their guests. The following tips can help create the perfect look tailored to your preference and taste.

Change the color scheme

Nobody likes blank walls, drained of life and dry in appeal. Use such walls as a canvas to explore you inner artist. The choices of color you use greatly reflect your personality. Children and early teens usually go for bold colors while older people should preferably go for more neutral colors. Of course this is a mere opinion that is largely agreed upon as the safest option. Often adults have to face criticism for choosing showy themes but that doesn’t necessarily have to hold you back. Sometimes bold themes can bring new life to your home as you can see in this vibrant yet refreshing room.

Nowadays people are seeking more and more interest in subtle themed rooms. If you aim for a calm ambiance that everyone can agree to, then light shades and earthy colors should fill your palette. The image below shows how the color scheme of the room can be balanced with a play of tones and by mixing neutrals such as light tones of grey with bursts of color to keep things interesting.

Remember that color can alter your psychology. Ever wondered why prisoners are kept in dull colorless cells. It’s to strip their sense of individuality and make them passive faster. This in turn increases their compliance since they lose their sense of pride, identity and thereby their will to resist. Don’t be a prisoner in your own home.

Lighting is important

It’s sad to know that lighting is rarely given the due importance it deserves. After all, without light you are rendered blind to the beauty of your room. Good lighting helps focus on the highlights of your room and can divert attention from the unpleasant nooks and crannies. The following picture shows just how much the color of light impacts the surrounding environment:

Lamps are available in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Standing lamps can be installed to brighten up the shady parts of the room. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere then go for yellow bulbs instead of white and vice versa. Sunlight is just as important as artificial light since it not only enhances the natural aura of the room but serves as a disinfectant aswell. Keeping a healthy amount of window space is advised and you’ll realize that the room looks much larger and open as a consequence. Become one with nature and enjoy a view such as this in your home:

Get the right furniture

Without furniture a room looks bare and unwelcoming. Getting the right furniture customized to your specifications is integral. Even though IKEA can be your go to place for furniture shopping, nowadays talented carpenters for hire are waiting for you to employ them. Not only can you find cheap deals, websites like Fiverr and Freelancer offer a plethora of freelancers in almost every corner of the world. Add volume to your room by installing custom bracket shelfs at the corners.

There is no greater joy than creating your own art pieces to hang on the wall. Try out oxygami paper created by artist, “Karen Kavett”.

Furthermore, don’t make the rookie mistake of cluttering your room. Furnishings are meant to facilitate rather than to become an obstacle to movement. Keep plenty of negative space and focus on choosing appropriate flooring for the room. If your room is bound to get dirty, try avoiding carpets and instead go for a tiled floor. Wooden floors are an attractive option but can be expensive, especially for us the eastern folk. A viable substitute for wooden floors is vinyl tiling or even cemented tiles that mimic wooden finishing. Another useful tip for beginner home designers is to choose furniture that has a deeper/slightly darker color than the flooring. Look at the image and decide for yourself:

Accessorize your room

Now that we’re done with basics let’s get technical. It cannot be stressed any further that accessories are essential to bring character to a room. These are the features of the room that reflect your lifestyle, tastes and serve as your tools to create a rich picture and a lasting impression. Add fairy lights besides the bed coupled with a crazy decal that makes a hell of a statement.

It’s your room, show the world you own it; Do so by adding photo frames that remind you of pleasant memories. Experiment with different arrangements until you get it right.

If you’re a party animal then a theatre system should be at the top of bucket list. Investing in a T.V set and a substantial stereo system will prove to be a great asset during those mid night raves. Another neat idea to make your room look like something straight out of sci-movie is to add led strips behind your tech; something like this perhaps:

Moreover if you’ve got a green thumb then decorating your room with a few groovy indoor plants can feel very refreshing. Doesn’t this picture rejuvenate your spirits, it sure does mine!

Where you lay, matters

At the end of the day your bed is your best friend. Wise people choose comfort over aesthetics and honestly the compromise is rewarding at times. Enhance the ergonomics of the room by choosing quality fabric for your bed sheets and sitting arrangement. Match the color of the fabric with the curtains.

Investing in a good mattress, such as memory foam mattress also prove to be beneficial in the long run. If your room boasts a lot of free floor space, add a bean bag or two. Decorative pillows are now in fashion too, so go buy a design with your face on it. If you’re a book worm then perhaps go for this reading corner shown below; it’s all about modifying your room to your liking.

In the end, all that limits you from designing your dream room is your imagination (And well money too… ;) Albeit, always strive to have a room that is a hub of inspiration and positive vibes for others. Live to impress! Happy Decorating!

© 2018 Mohammad Saif


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