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5 Ways to Get Energy in Your Bedroom as You Remove Clutter From Your House

Updated on January 22, 2019
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There are many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mine is to try before recommending. It also keeps me "young and hungry".

Energise with your sacred sleeping area.

WIth a new month, a new season or a new year comes the urge to refresh and renew the energy in your life. The best place to start is with your bedroom, as its not only your private space but also immediately enhance the positive energy reverberating into your life. This is the right time to rethink your life as you watch Kon Mari method or other energy based cleaning routines made popular.

1. Sleep as close to the floor as possible

This is exactly how humans have always slept. It was made famous in the west by the Japanese method of using tatami mat and laying a futon or Shikibuton. This is not unique to only Eastern Asia but is common across India and Africa.

Scientifically, it helps to align your spine perfectly instead of sinking into foams and coil springs that are a bit unnatural in its support. A part of our body that falls out of alignment over time are your hips. These imbalanced muscles cause the back to strain and with poor posture lock or trap nerves

Shikibuton laid on the floor

Think about all animals that sleep, either they sleep standing or they sleep on the floor. This is how all our ancestors slept before the modern era created instruments for supporting our sleep.

A more esoteric reason is the deep connection to the floor/earth and the direct energy flow. On the floor there is an increase in body awareness and most people find that mornings are more about being truly awake. They are able to get up with verve instead of forcing yourself to wake up from that deep plush mattress.

Another benefit of this is one that is most credited with this practice, saving space. In the morning, the mattress can be rolled away and the space used for waking hour activities.

2. Bring Nature into your bedroom

Emperors and statesmen of the past all had one thing common in their sleeping conclaves – elements from nature. It ranged from an open landscape window to large paintings or murals of flora and fauna or even an accumulation of indoor plants and other natural elements.


A growing body of research suggests that spending time in nature helps with our circadian rhythm and to increase melatonin. This can work for warmer climates and in geographical zones where it’s possible to spend time outdoor, hence we need to the best to imitate this.

Bringing the natural world to your bedroom creates harmony and peaceful ambience. Imagine being out on the hills in a camp site during summer months, you wake up to the crisp air outside when sun shines through. This same energy flows in your bedroom helping powerful strokes and purity to imbue your morning by sleeping with a large window that opens to get in sunlight.

Not all plants can make it into your bedroom.

NASA did an extensive study that is very useful to understand how beneficial botanicals are and which ones help with genre of chemicals. There are specific plants though, that can be used indoors given the oxygen to carbon dioxide cycle is reversed.

Snake plant, repulsive in name is actually a favorite of architects/designers. They emit oxygen at night, improving the air around you so that you sleep better. They are also known to remove some harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene and toluene.

Sub-specimens of fragrant plants have also found to be beneficial. Jasmine is used in tropics in most home gardens, with their beautiful white flowers. They give off a sweet scent that is often used in its essential oil form for relaxation. Studies show that this scent is linked to reduced anxiety levels and also that it improves sleep quality. Jasmine plants are quite easy to keep as they will live well in a pot. In developing countries, garland of flowers adorned by humans normally has Jasmine, related fragrant buds for health reasons as much as for their perfume.

3. Minimalist design for your bed

Feng Shui and a lot of similar energy science believe in free space, and this style being devoid of clutter accelerates that. Architects would call this thinking as minimalist design but in terms of navigating spaces for energy, it is truly maximum.

European bedrooms in the modern era have adopted clean styles and straight lines, also helped by furniture companies making modular products. They are not just functional but also promote good prana or flow of energy with their minimalism.

A minimalist routine for Bedroom
A minimalist routine for Bedroom | Source

The added fact to unnecessary furniture, is that these rooms are simple in color scheme mostly going with pastel shades. This helps with the keeping the overall room symmetrically balanced in all aspects.

Removing unnecessary belongings has been made famous by Kon-Mari approach, even though at its base this method is nothing new. Clutter deletion is a key part of minimalist design; hence the bed frame needs to reflect the lack of elaborate patterns. Minimalist bed frames include platform beds or flat plywood laid out on slats. It could also be metal frame with a square or rectangular headboard, anything that matches the shape of your room.

A well thought out design immediately eases your mind into restful slumber and even more into deeper states of contemplation.

4. Warm and cosy lights

Natural lights were replaced since the modern metropolis buildings and large rise buildings were being designed. The movement went too far and its deleterious effect were the target of multiple studies. It is now a well known fact the natural light in all times of the day is extremely important for humans. You will have personally noticed the uplifting feeling when you walk into a home or building that has a lot of windows providing natural light into the living space.

Sleep research advocates a dark environment for your sleep but it is not just during sleeping hours but we also need to focus on what is after and prior to falling asleep.

The bedroom needs to reverberate with a warm glow and allow as much natural light as possible. Colors on the color temperature scale from about 2700-3000K are called warm colors. These are the reddish or yellowish whites and are typical of incandescent lamps. Candle and match flames are typically in the range of 1700-1900K. One way to design it is by adding string lights.

Warmer colors resonate with us for the evening because of the color of the evening sunset or morning sunshine. As we age, we need more white light as our retina gets more yellowish.


The bedroom above highlights the love of nature within a warm bedroom and just by glancing you are enveloped with a a tranquil vibe and flowing energy.

5. Directions and positions from ancient philosophies.

Bed position is extremely vital in most parts of the globe. You may be familiar with positive chi arrangements in the bedroom. Chi energy is perceived to use windows and doors, hence as a primary rule the bedroom should not be an obstacle to this flow by blocking the pathway.

Vastu Shastra is the Indian equivalent which details extensive advice for not just beds but also the entire home including bedroom.

Guidance from Feng Shui

  • This philosophy recommends placing your bed diagonally from across the door. This helps when someone enters the bedroom and intersects the flow of energy during your sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping under beams or have hanging instruments above your sleeping surface.
  • Keep the space under your bed clean and artifacts free. Anything that is associated with an active life style like shoes, party clothes, jewelers and such should be avoided. If it unavoidable, then restrict it to linens and bed sheets.
  • Bedroom positions in the house should also foster serenity and peace. Avoid bedrooms at the top of the garage with concerns such as noise from garage door, toxic fumes from your auto or nocturnal creatures that may creep up into your bedroom. The parallel to this is to locate the bedroom at the end of the house at the back, where its likely to be closer to a back-yard garden, parking lot or side street.

Vaastu and its bedroom gems

  • The bedroom should ideally be facing south to south west hence it should not be in north-east or south-east directions of a house. In the south-east the advice is a likely increase in domiciliary and health issues prevailing with a bedroom in the north.
  • Children should be allocated a bedroom in the east or north-west section of the house.
  • Place your bed with the head towards the east or south. Guest bedrooms can be positioned with the head towards the west.
  • Bed should be made of wood and not metal, as it can create negative vibrations.

Take it slow.

The idea of a perfect bedroom may be difficult to achieve and we all have differing views so it might not even be a common picture. Right from the beginning, aim for principles of your bedroom design without focusing on the outcomes. Each item and every arrangement will then have a meaning and reflect the clear intent by which it was placed.

It is also important not to rush things, as with most things it’s more important to get the direction right rather than the speed. May you create a beautiful bedroom to guide your life with spirituality, power and loving energies

© 2019 Tapaswini Bashoo


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