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6 Cleaning Checklists for 6 Types of People: Decluttering Lists

Updated on April 17, 2014

So how could different types of people need different types of cleaning lists? That doesn’t make a lot of sense, or does it? Each person has their own priorities in life, their own jobs, and their own families – characteristics that make them utterly unique. So, why would one cleaning checklist work for every person? Doesn’t the stay at home mom need a different chore list than the business woman who juggles a career and a family?

The 6 Cleaning Lists in This Article

Title of the Cleaning Checklist
Characteristics of the Checklist
The Housewife Cleaning Checklist
Easy going, works from home, no kids
The Busy Bee Cleaning Checklist
Soccer mom, PTA member, multi-tasker
The OCD Cleaning Checklist
Perfectionist, obsessive about cleaning and organization
The Comprehensive Cleaning Checklist
Covers Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Chores
The Businesswoman’s Cleaning Checklist
Has a limited amount of time to clean during the week due to work schedule
The Declutter Entertaining Cleaning Checklist
Wants home to be nice and neat in case visitors stop by

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How Do You Know Which Cleaning Checklist Fits You?

It might be that more than one would fit you best. In fact, you may be able to (1) combine more than one to suite your needs, (2) alter one or more in order to meet your schedule better, and/or (3) create your own cleaning checklist based on the format of one of these cleaning checklists. The key is to making sure that whatever you do, your cleaning list works for you.

For example, my husband gets off work on Saturday afternoon and returns to work on Tuesday morning, so that is our weekend. Since he usually cooks on the weekend and helps with cleaning our washing machine, I plan our chores around his work schedule. Rather than bog him down with chores during the week when he is tired from a long day’s worth of work, I give him his chores to do on his weekend.

Another example of how I made my cleaning checklist fit my needs is how I planned for our trash day. Trash picks up on the curb here on Wednesdays, so on Tuesdays I dump all the trash in the house for my husband to carry out to the curb. Also, I know that when I dust or clean surfaces, crumbs, hair, or dust falls to the floor. Therefore, it makes logical sense to have my “floors” day be after my “surfaces” day.


The Housewife Cleaning Checklist

This cleaning list was created for a man or woman who stays at home to work. She or he is a bit more easy-going or lax when it comes to having a clean and tidy home. This list could be altered for an individual with children.

Daily Cleaning List
Tidy Home
Check Mail

Weekly Cleaning List

Change Sheets
Clean Washing Machine
Cook and Bake Weekly Meals
Clean Porch, Patio, and Mow
Rinse Any Messy Dishes
Clean Kitchen and Dining Room
Dump Trash and Recyclables
Tidy Living Room
Tidy Hallways
Tidy Bedrooms
Dust and Wipe Down All Surfaces
Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop
Clean Bathrooms

Monthly Cleaning List

  • Paperwork
  • Bills
  • Filing
  • Clean Out Purse
  • Keep Up With Upcoming Appointments
  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Family Get-Togethers
  • Gardening
  • Birthday and Anniversary Planning


The Busy Bee Cleaning Checklist

This cleaning list is for the soccer mom who is busy keeping up with her husband, kids, and pets. She wants a perfect house in her perfect life, but boy, are things hectic sometimes! She has a lot to juggle, but she can multi-task well. Of course, this list can be altered for any woman’s needs. This person may be a busy bee and may handle a large number of tasks at once.

Daily Cleaning List

  • Make all beds
  • Complete the dishes
  • Take and pick up children from school
  • Read
  • Pay bills or address mail
  • Pack kids’ lunches
  • Do a quick once-over on the house to tidy around

It's a great feeling of accomplishment to have a sparkling clean kitchen!
It's a great feeling of accomplishment to have a sparkling clean kitchen! | Source

Weekly Cleaning List

Monday – Kitchen Day

  • Clean all cabinets and appliances
  • Wash the hand dishwashing rack
  • Wipe down the refrigerator
  • Clean the microwave
  • Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the floors
  • Empty the trash
  • Run laundry
  • Complete all ironing
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Exercise at the gymnasium
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Post Office

Keep time in the day for your loved ones - like your hubby!
Keep time in the day for your loved ones - like your hubby! | Source

Tuesday – Bathrooms

  • Clean the toilet, bathtub, and shower
  • Disinfect all countertops and decorations
  • Empty the trash
  • Sweep and Mop the floors
  • Have lunch with husband
  • Wash all towels
  • Vacuum or wash bathmats

Let your children learn music lessons or join sports events!
Let your children learn music lessons or join sports events! | Source

Wednesday – Dining Room

  • Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the floors
  • Wipe down the dining room table with furniture polish
  • Take children to sports or music events
  • Go to sporting or music store
  • Exercise at the gymnasium
  • Take the children to the mall, park, or zoo
  • Church
  • Attend PTA meeting
  • Attend or plan any student/teacher conferences

Don't forget to go to the pharmacy!
Don't forget to go to the pharmacy! | Source

Thursday – Living Room

  • Windex, disinfect, or polish all furniture and surfaces
  • Vacuum all cloth furniture
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors
  • If needed, take children or self to doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Volunteer Work
  • Book club and library

Make time in your schedule for love! Date Night!
Make time in your schedule for love! Date Night! | Source

Friday – Declutter

  • Check all rooms for items that are out of place
  • Place all items in the right room
  • Exercise at the gymnasium
  • Beauty Salon
  • Tanning
  • Visit parents in nursing home
  • Plan babysitting for tonight
  • Date Night with Husband
  • Return movies that were checked out
  • Attend or plan any school performances

Take pride in your beautiful bedroom!
Take pride in your beautiful bedroom! | Source

Saturday – Bedrooms

  • Wash the sheets
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Dump trashcans
  • Wipe down or polish all furniture
  • Disinfect all light switches and door knobs
  • Make decorating or shopping plans
  • Plan any parties coming up
  • Send out any necessary thank you notes
  • Send out any invitations to parties
  • Attend or plan any baby or wedding showers

Chores versus Errands: Another way to do the Busy Bee Checklist is to separate the cleaning chores from the errands. The errands are highlighted with italics. Adjust them to your schedule.

Sunday – Outdoors

  • Mow and care for the lawn
  • Pet care
  • Car service
  • Church and Church activities


The OCD Cleaning Checklist

This is for the obsessive, compulsive person who has all the time in the world to make their home picture perfect. Being OCD doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing; it can just mean that you are very thorough in your cleaning and organizing endeavors.

Tidy and vacuum hall

Dust off phone stand

Pick up bedroom

Close dresser drawers

Take extra hangers to utility room

Dust dressers

Dust bookcase and bedroom fan

Change pillow cases

Make bed

Vacuum or mop all bedroom floors

Close closet doors in bedroom

Pick up bathroom

Windex bathroom mirror

Spray daily cleaner in shower

Disinfect bathroom vanity

Disinfect toilet

Dump bathroom trash

Vacuum bathroom floors

Fold beginning of toilet paper

Spray air freshener in the house

Light candles in house if desired

Daily Cleaning List

Daily Laundry

Tidy utility room and clean dryer if dirty

Check utility trash


Stock refrigerator

Clean sink

Tidy kitchen

Clean all kitchen countertops

Clean off stove top

Dump trash in kitchen

Mop or run vacuum over utility floors

Mop or run vacuum over kitchen floors

Pick up dining room

Wipe off stools and chairs

Wipe off dining room table

Mop or vacuum dining room floors

Tidy downstairs hall

Vacuum rugs

Tidy living room and put everything away

Dust entertainment center

Straighten things by the front door

Wipe off and straighten couches

Wipe off all end tables

Sweep porch

Check living room trash

Vacuum all living room floors

Tidy spare room and put everything away

Wipe off desks and computer stand

Wipe off chest in spare room

Wipe off office chairs

Dump spare room trash

Dust dresser and night stands

Wipe off extra futon

Vacuum floors in extra bedroom

Mop or vacuum stairs


Utility Weekly Cleaning List

Wipe off shelves above washer

Dust pictures

Do all laundry

Wipe off vacuums

Wipe off washer and dryer

Organize and clean utility shelf

Spray air freshener laundry center

Clean and disinfect laundry baskets

Sweep and mop the floor

Disinfect the door knobs

Spray air freshener


Dining Room Weekly Cleaning List

Tidy room

Organize and clean pantry

Sweep and mop pantry floor

Disinfect pantry door knobs

Change any light bulbs that need it

Wash tablecloth

Wipe stuff from table

Clean glass table

Disinfect phone

Light candles

Wipe all chairs off

Check plug in air fresheners

Windex mirror

Wipe off pictures

Sweep and mop floors

Spray air freshener

Stairways and Hallways Cleaning List

Tidy area

Change any light bulbs that need it

Organize and clean hall closet

Sweep and mop closet

Disinfect door knobs

Windex hall mirrors

Vacuum rugs

Spray air freshener

Wipe off pictures

Dust safety rail

Sweep and mop stairs


Living Room Cleaning List

Tidy living room

Wipe off pictures

Wipe off couches and wash pillows

Windex glass end tables

Spray air freshener

Change any light bulbs that need it

Disinfect door knobs

Clean out purse

Dust entertainment center

Wipe off lamps

Vacuum carpet and welcome mat

Light candles


Dump and disinfect trash can

Sweep and mop bathroom floors

Spray air freshener

Light candles

Organize and clean linen closet

Bathroom Cleaning List

Tidy bathroom

Windex mirror

Wipe shelves in medicine closet

Change any light bulbs that need it

Disinfect doorknobs

Refill soap dispenser

Clean and disinfect vanity and sink

Organize cabinets under sink

Clean toilet thoroughly

Wipe toilet paper holder

Wipe off towel racks

Wipe off pictures

Clean shower and bathtub

Wash shower curtain

Wipe off and disinfect hamper

Change hand towel

Vacuum or wash bath mat


The Comprehensive Cleaning Checklist

This cleaning list covers it all – daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly chores. This checklist will help anyone who wants to cover everything.


Declutter Living Areas

Do a Fast Sweep Job on the Hard Wood Floors

Wipe Down Kitchen Surfaces and Dining Room Table

Daily Cleaning Checklist


Make Beds

Declutter Bedrooms

Declutter Bathrooms



Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Day of the Week
Vacuum and Mop
Monthly Chore
Catch Up Day
Dust All Surfaces

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Week of the Month
Clean out appliances
Shampoo rugs and carpet
Complete Yearly chore
Spring Cleaning with furniture
Don't forget annually about your gift giving and wrapping!
Don't forget annually about your gift giving and wrapping! | Source

Yearly Cleaning Checklist

January – Spring Clean Closets

February – Spring Clean Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

March – Spring Clean Bathrooms

April – Organize and Sweep Out Garage

May – Clean all Baseboards, Walls, and Doors

June – Shampoo the Carpet

July – Do all of the Landscaping; clean attic and shelter

August – Clean with Sparkles all Windows

September – Clean behind heavy appliances

October - Organize and Sweep Out Garage

November - Shampoo the Carpet

December – Do all Shopping and Wrapping of Christmas Gifts

The Businesswoman’s Cleaning Checklist


Some businesswomen have a limited amount of time to clean during the week due to their work schedules so she must clean during the weekend. This list is designed for all chores to be done on a Saturday and whatever is left to do should be done on Sunday.

  • Clean bedrooms
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean living room
  • Clean kitchen/dining area and do all dishes
  • Clean hallways and entry
  • Clean porch and patio
  • Change sheets (monthly) and change pillowcases
  • Laundry
  • Vacuum all areas
  • Cook or bake anything needed for the week
  • Errands: Pharmacy, Church, Grocery, and Post Office
  • Phone Calls: Weekly call to closest relatives
  • Clean out purse and catch up on filing
  • Pay bills, Balance checkbook, and go thru mail
  • Take trash and recyclables to the curb
  • Make list of upcoming work, appointments, meetings, etc. of the week

The Declutter Entertainer Cleaning List


This lady wants her home to be nice and neat in case visitors stop by. It’s important for everything to have a “home” or “place of belonging” so that things stay tidy and pretty.

Do you use a cleaning list on a regular basis?

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Daily Chore List



Make all beds

Do the chore of the day

Wipe down kitchen counters

Wipe down the bathroom counters

Do a quick sweep and vacuum over the house

Declutter living areas with a pick-up basket

Weekly Chore List

Vacuum entire house
Clean all mirrors and windows
Clean the toilets and tubs
Complete all laundry
Clean all hard floors
Complete all outside chores
Complete a monthly chore

Monthly Chore List

First Week of the Month
Wipe down all surfaces
Second Week of the Month
Wipe down the oven, microwave, fridge, and kitchen appliances
Third Week of the Month
Wipe down all doors, baseboards, and walls
Fourth Week of the Month
Spot clean upholstery and carpet areas

This article provided you with a wide variety of checklists to show you the different ways you can clean depending on what type of lifestyle you lead. Each checklist was detailed enough that you can tailor your choice to your needs. Combine a couple checklists or alter one in order to make the checklist that is perfectly fit for you. Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore if you have a detailed organized checklist.


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