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7 Reasons to Home Compost for your Garden

Updated on August 16, 2010

Benefits of A Compost Pile

If you have a garden at home then you should be composting. People make a lot of excuses for why they do not home compost. However, these excuses don’t stand up when looked at more closely. For example, people may avoid composting with the excuse that they don’t have the time or space to compost. However, if you have the time and space to garden then you can create the time and space to compost. People may complain about a lack of knowledge about composting or a concern about the smells associated with composting. However, you can learn how to home compost in a clean and nearly odor-free way.

There are many benefits of composting. Gardeners who stop making excuses and just start to compost may be happy about the following benefits:

1.     Composting reduces waste. The majority of people who garden are people who are concerned about the earth. Getting down there in the dirt and growing your own plants gives you an appreciation of the earth. This generates a sense of wanting to treat the earth kindly. One of the worst things that we do for the earth is throw away things that we should be recycling. You might be surprised by the number of items you throw into the landfill that could actually be recycled into compost for your garden. If you already do your part for the earth by recycling then you might want to take that to the next level and start a compost pile as well.

2.     Proper use of waste can reduce global warming. There are many good reasons to recycle when you can. One important one that relates specifically to composting is that it may help to reduce the problems that we have with global warming. Waste such as tree limbs often ends up getting burned at landfills. When waste gets burned, it can increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which contributes to the global warming problem. And even if your waste doesn’t get burned, it can still pose a problem. That’s because when organic matter starts to decay in landfills it can create methane as a byproduct, which is another problem linked to global warming. Proper composting of your organic matter using a home compost pile is one way that you can do your part to reduce the global warming problem.

3.     Using home compost saves you money. Doing good for the earth is always important. However, many of us are more motivated to do good when there’s an immediate benefit to us as well. Luckily, composting offers us both. A major personal benefit of composting is that it saves you money as a gardener. When you compost, you reduce the need to purchase your own peat. You have free natural mulch instead of having to buy mulch. Your soil may be healthier which reduces the need to spend your money on expensive products to enhance your soil. People who garden may or may not do so in order to save money. Either way, saving money is something most people like to do and a compost pile helps with that when it comes to your garden.

4.     Natural habitats are saved when you use compost. The fact that you aren’t purchasing peat at the store has a benefit for other creatures as well. When peat is excavated in order to be sold, natural habitats are often destroyed. Animals that are living in these natural habitats obviously can’t survive in these areas. You save animals and protect the beauty of a diverse landscape when you create your own home compost instead of paying for new peat.

5.     Your compost will be a home for new animals. Many people love seeing all of the little critters that come into their gardens. Composting brings new life to the area. Birds, insects and rodents come along with your compost pile. Now, admittedly, this is a turnoff for some people. Others, however, find that gardening puts them closer to the earth and gives them a greater appreciation for the diverse animal life in their area.

6.     Composting is another achievement in your gardening process. You probably get a lot of different things from gardening. You get flowers or food to enjoy. You get a prettier yard. You get something to do each day. But mostly, you get something that you can be proud of. Gardening is something that you do hands-on and you can see the results of your effort. The more that you learn about gardening, the better you get at it and the more pride you can take in your garden. Learning to compost adds aspect of which you can be proud. Your success with composting and the way it adds to your garden is a great achievement.

7.     You will have a more successful garden. Composting will also allow you to be even more proud of your garden because the garden will likely be more successful. There are so many garden benefits of composting. For example, compost helps to improve the soil so that it retains moisture, which makes it easier to grow a healthy garden without wasting a lot of water. Proper composting can help prevent weeds from growing in your garden. It also protects the soil itself from the negative effects of weather problems in the area. The end result is that whatever you’re growing is not only going to be easier to grow but it will likely grow better once you start using your own compost in the garden.

So stop making excuses and start doing some composting!


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  • chrysstil profile image


    8 years ago

    that's nice..

  • LillyGrillzit profile image

    Lori J Latimer 

    8 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

    Excellent!!! Love!


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