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8 Natural Household Products to Use in Spring Cleaning

Updated on December 24, 2010

Are you getting ready to do your spring cleaning? Do you want to try to keep that cleaning low-cost and green? Many people are interested in using natural products that are chemical-free. The problem is that many of the green cleaners on the market are expensive. But you don’t actually need those products for green spring cleaning. You can use normal household products instead.

Here is a look at 8 natural household products that you can use to aid in your spring cleaning this year:

1.     Baking soda. This is probably the number one natural product that most people already know how to use in the home. It’s a natural cleaner that is most commonly used to get rid of bad smells in the refrigerator. It also deodorizes in other parts of the home and is great for cleaning stinky things like carpets or rugs. If you’re going to be doing some deep cleaning of pots, pans and Tupperware this spring then you should use baking soda there, too, since it will aid in deodorizing them. Additionally, the slight grittiness of baking soda makes it a really great cleaner for areas of the home that need to be scrubbed and scoured.

2.     Hydrogen peroxide. You probably keep this product around your house because it’s great at killing bacteria. This doesn’t just work on your cuts, either. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill bacteria and mold all throughout your home. This helps to keep your home safe for everyone who lives there. Hydrogen peroxide is great to use to clean the walls and floor of your home and it can even be used to clean the toilet. You’ll want to dilute it with hot water when using it.

3.     Lemon juice. There is a reason that there are so many cleaning products on the market today that have a lemon scent to them. This fresh scent is associated with a clean feeling do to the fact that lemon is a great antibacterial product. Lemon juice is a nice-smelling cleaner that helps to deodorize and freshen the home. It is also a natural bleach alternative. It can be used to clean glass, especially stained coffee pots. It can also be used to clean any copper that you might have in the home.

4.     Olive oil. You would not believe how many uses for olive oil exist that have nothing to do with food. It’s a terrific home cleaning product that is used in particular to polish up your home. It works really great on all types of wood so you can use it on floors and furniture. It can also be used to polish stainless steel which makes it a terrific spring cleaning agent for kitchens and bathrooms. And if you notice any squeaky doors or hinges while you’re doing your spring cleaning then you can also apply a bit of olive oil to end that problem!

5.     Pure castile soap. This is the one product that you might want to purchase that you don’t necessarily already have around the home. This is a natural form of soap that is safe for the home. Dr. Bronner’s is a popular brand name but you can choose other brands as well such as Elysian Dream or Shadow Lake. Pure castile soap will work well in all areas of home cleaning that require soap. A great tip is to combine this ingredient with either salt or baking soda when you want to scrub an area clean. The grittiness from the salt or baking soda will assist in the scouring of areas such as the tub or the sink. The soap will help to really get these areas clean. This soap can also be used on laundry stains and even to clean your pets. You might also want to use a little bit of lemon juice to improve the smell.

6.     Salt. Salt has a bit of that same grittiness that you get from baking soda (although typically a bit more so). For that reason, it’s a terrific product to use when trying to scrub or scour your home. Salt also has deodorizer properties. It can be used to clean your dishes, especially greasy pans since it will soak up the grease. It can be combined with soap or vinegar to make a stronger cleaning agent.

7.     Tea tree oil. Like olive oil, tea tree oil can be used to polish up your home. However, it does more than this; tea tree oil is known for its ability to kill germs. You can combine it with water in a spray bottle and use it to clean out mold and mildew from areas like the bathroom. You might also want to add this to your laundry to protect it from mildew and mold.

8.     White vinegar. This important product is great for helping to clean your home. The reason for this is that it’s an anti-bacterial product that is capable of destroying germs. It’s also good for killing any mold that you might have starting to grow in your home.

Very few ingredients that you see on the list cost very much at all. Most of these are probably ingredients that you already have around your home. By choosing to use these as natural cleaners this spring, you’ll be able to really freshen up your home at a low cost. And you won’t have any nasty chemicals to contend with in your home!


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