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How do I Choose Colors for My Room?| 9 Stunning Ideas with Photos

Updated on November 21, 2014
blue interior bedroom
blue interior bedroom

Eye Catchy Rooms For Creative People

Are you familiar with the feeling when you walk into the room, and in it you get all the pleasure you want? This feeling may have many explanations, but one of the main reasons - the right selection of color in the interior.

Color plays a very important role in the psychological perception of space. Not only the color itself but also in its use in a particular case. The human brain is susceptible to incompatibility. And when different objects do not match perfectly, the brain process information more difficult.The color combination is strongly influenced by the perception of space. And also create the right color combination is simple. Select one or more colors, and follow these tips to create a comfortable space for perception.

Bright Interiors

To create an interior with a bright color, push off the right neutral color. For example, charcoal gray room - the perfect backdrop for the yellow spots of color tennis ball. Warm yellow-green will unfold playfully on a neutral gray.

Refined palette

For a refined palette, use neutral colors with color spots. This option is similar to the previous one, but here there is more extra neutral tones, creating a neat and modern interior. Warm brown and cool gray-brown color is well set off the green.

red interior circle design
red interior circle design

A Manly Room

For a bold color scheme, you can use neutral colors along with a variety of objects of bright colors. In the first two examples, neutral colors are basic and bright colors - little emphasis, in this case, all the way around. Here, the "main characters" are cheerful blue wallpaper. Neutral head of the bed and linen shade blue color and make the bedroom comfortable.

Always start with the principal object, then select the rest. For example, a wall with lime green tile sets the tone in the bathroom, and small green accents elsewhere support color.

An interesting technique - use colors to highlight different areas. Blue chairs in the studio space is clearly separated from the living room area. A kitchen island with your own colors, repeated in the lamps and table top.

Do not be afraid of bold decisions, just be consistent. A perfect gift for children - their own shelter. The space can be filled with bright and cheery summer flowers. For example, two shades of blue, apple green and magenta - the children will be happy. You can use up to four colors, but they should be in harmony.

Black and White

The perfect solution - give new life to a classic combination. Black and white - the classic combination. In this graphically interior can add a few red accents, it will make the space bright and full of energy.

luxury black and white bedroom
luxury black and white bedroom

Consider the colors of materials in the overall scheme. Reflecting on the color scheme, we take into account the color of the paint, fabrics, works of art. But plenty of choice available materials also plays a role. For example, the warm tones of wood furniture can perfectly complement the color of the walls, creating a soothing autumnal mood.

To make better use of interior gentle shades of the same color. Exquisite girl's room can be solved in pink with purple accents. These two colors, shaded white, creates a stunning combination.

cute pink and purple combination
cute pink and purple combination


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