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A Frugal Way to Grow a Garden

Updated on April 6, 2015

Gardening and living frugal are two things I enjoy doing. I enjoy eating healthy and I sure enjoy saving money. When I first decided that I should eat healthier due to health problems years ago I was and still is a stay-at-home mom. With only a part-time income doing odd jobs from home the thought of how much it would cost me to start a decent garden was a little overwhelming. Another great attribute about is that I love to recycle. Things that others throw away, I save and make good use of. I want to share with anyone that would like to learn how to save money by while gardening.

Make Your Own Topsoil

Depending upon how much soil a person needs, purchasing soil for gardening can be very expensive. After doing a little research and watching the right videos, I realized that if I learned how to make compost, I could cut this cost to zero.

Three Things Should be Considered When Making Compost

First, Choose or Make a Compost Container.Think of something large & sturdy enough to hold the compost. The size will depend on how much soil is needed.

Second, the Right Combination Should be Made For a pile that will require little maintenance, an even combination of green and plant matter is necessary. Never use cooked food, meat, or dairy products.

Third, a Little Elbow Grease is Needed. Very little care is needed to maintain compost. To insure that there is healthy bacteria and fresh nutrients added, the soil should be turned. This will help the compost remain warm and give the soil the oxygen it needs. For further information on how to make compost, visit this link.

Recycling to Save Money

* When growing beans, instead of purchasing small packages of seeds, purchase or use dried beans that are located on the food isle in your local grocery store. This way you’ll get a lot more for your money.

* Maybe you are like me and enjoy eating leafy green vegetables like collard greens or kale. Try cutting some of the bottom of the stalk near the area of the root at an angle. Then plant the stalk in the ground so that it can grow a new root. Remember to water this daily. If you are wondering if this works, it really does.

* How about saving the seeds from fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, or honey due melons, and any other fruit where the seeds are large enough to dry. Even seeds from vegetables like squash, okra, and more can be saved for planting
Recycle Garden Supplies

* Reuse Canning Jars

Do you buy pickles in the jar or anything in glass jars? Recycle those jars because they can be used for canning. The jars will need to be washed and sterilized with hot water but they can be reused.

* Make Your Own Starter Plants

Save money on garden starter plants by using egg cartons to plant seeds. Try using two seeds in each section. This way you’ll get two plants per section.

*Use Rainwater to Water Your Starter Garden

Keep your eyes open for the weather forecast. On the days that you know it will rain, collect water in recycled milk jugs. Use the water to water your seeds in the egg cartons. Water can also be collected to water your garden.

Freeze Your Harvest

A sure way of putting up food for the winter so to speak like the older people did is to freeze your harvest. Use the plastic bags on the inside of cereal boxes and the ties on bread bags to tie the tops of the bags.

Growing a garden is not only healthy but a way to save money. What they call organic today is what our ancestors called a way of life. Gardening doesn’t have to be as costly as it could be. Using what a person already has can help tremendously. Creative recycling and careful planning will make gardening frugal and pain free.

A Frugal Way to Garden is Copyrighted Material/All Rights Reserved

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      Marina 2 years ago from Clarksville TN

      A very nice blog about saving money !!