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A Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker Gives Best Bread Making Results

Updated on January 17, 2012


Unless you live next door to a bakery, and lets face it, very few of us do, the likelihood of you having fresh bread in the morning is poor. Once of the attractions of taking holidays in France is the availability of the local bakers. It does not feel the same driving off for a five mile round trip to our local supermarket.

A bread maker will enable you to enjoy fresh baked bread at home for a fraction of the shop bought price. You have the added advantage that you know what ingredients have gone into the mix and can vary the type of bread made each day. For those who have to follow a dietary regime this machine can make Gluten Free bread which is a pleasant change from the hard unwieldy bread you get from the drugstore or market.


You could also enjoy freshly baked bread with your evening meal.

The Kenwood Bread maker can be used to make loaves of 500g,700g and 1000g. It also has 15 programmes and 5 personal settings so it can make jam and cakes! For those of us who can be a little heavy handed or forget to add the vital ingredient at the right moment, the bread maker takes away the danger. The automatic dispenser of ingredients supplies the ingredients at the right time and if in a recipe manual addition is required it makes a noise to remind you.

The beauty of this machine is that it has a 58 minute rapid bake setting with 3 crust settings so you can have it just as you like it. There is a viewing light on the control panel to let you check the status of your bread. Once pressed this stays illuminated for a full minute, plenty of time to find a family member and debate whether the bread is ready yet! The bread can be kept warm for an hour after its made, so if you fancy a lie in that’s fine. The Kenwood BM450 has a 15 hour delay timer so it can be loaded before you go to be

If you are unfortunate enough to have a power cut then the Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker has an interruption protection circuit and it continues once the power is reconnected.

One of the most important questions when selecting a Bread maker is “will it fit in my kitchen”. This is important as the Bread maker will become a fundamental part of your life. The dimensions of the appliance are (HxWxL) (38.5 x 23.5x31.5) cm. The appliance weighs 9.52kg which makes it handy to carry if you have to move it to another part of the kitchen for storage. It has a sleek and simple design in Black, Stainless Steel and Black.

If you have made your bread and are worried about the washing up, worry no more. The Kenwood BM450 Bread maker has non stick bread pan and kneader which is UNIQUE to Kenwood.

Once you have a bread maker then start reading and looking at recipes- there is more to make than just the daily loaf of bread.


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