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A 'Neat' Painting Tip

Updated on October 23, 2012

Keeping Paint 'Rolling Pans' Clean

I learned several things from my father about painting around the house. One of those tips was to put holes in the indented rim of paint cans with a nail, so excess paint wiped off the bristles would drip back into the can. (That doesn't work well on the new type of can with a rubber rim, incidently). The other tip is more resistant to the changing times, and here it is.

Have you ever started to paint with a roller and had an old layer of paint on the rolling pan peel off on your roller? Or had paint drip off the pan when you tried to get it back to your utility sink (or outside) to wash it off? Or been frustrated on how to care for that used roller - have it drip wherever you choose to toss it, or try to wash it off so it can be reused (good for only one attempt, by the way)?

Here's the solution: take a plastic grocery bag (or better yet, a small kitchen wastebasket bag with straight edges) and slide it onto the paint rolling pan. Then tape the edge of the bag to the pan at the ends and on the underside, so it doesn't slip. (Leave enough slack in the bag so it touches the surfance of the pan and accommodates a generous amount of paint in the 'well.')

Now you're ready to paint. And here's the really 'neat' part. When you've finished painting (use up as much paint in the pan as possible first) simply untape the bag, wrap the roller and pull it off the handle. Then discard the bag with the roller inside.

The result? No drip, no mess, and your pan is as clean as when it was new. And if a tear developed in the bag, you still have far less paint to scrub away.


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