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A Pottery Barn-esque Home in A Snap!

Updated on October 6, 2016

Picture Perfect

The folks behind the Pottery Barn perfection understand that a home that attracts and envelopes you in its comfort and beauty draws you to stay there, to relax, to live and create there. There's just something so serene about a tidy corner, cozy living space, or refreshingly fresh bathroom. Let's take a look at how to create luxurious living in your home space.

Awhile back I discovered the Pottery Barn series of books at our local library. There's one for pretty much every room in the home with ample photographs and inspiration on how to create a pleasant space. My husband, always the realist ( A perfect balance to my whimsical self!) pointed out that many of their rooms were museum-like, not looking lived-in or practical to live in. It was true, there were no bugs in the patio space and the twinkle lights could surely stand up to bucket-loads of snow in the winter. (Note the slight sarcasm here.)

However, the pictures were truly beautiful and I was inspired to bring at least the practical aspects of such beauty home.

Pleasant to look at, inviting, and picturesque in every way: the Pottery Barn-inspired home.


The beauty of an inviting home begins with texture. It is almost impossible to have a home that beckons you to come sit in it, to siesta in it's bedding, to curl up and read in it's warmth without texture. Texture is what wakes you up. It is the fresh and clean feel of a fluffy towel, the smooth natural cotton against your skin in bed. Texture needs to be what appeals to you. Here is what I have found to be the most rewarding: natural fabrics. Rarely do we wrap up in a polyester blanket and feel "treated." It is in the rich textures of nature that we delight: the warmth and stirring texture of a wool blanket, the cool smooth surface of bamboo. These draw our sense back to the natural world and bring us pleasure.

Variety in texture is also paramount. It is like a feast for the senses to make daily living an experience. Hot aromatic tea from a ceramic mug. Silky-smooth wood on your feet, silk sheets to slide into after a long day. Even a rocky path in the backyard adds to our sense of enjoying life with sight, touch, sound, and smell.

An Easy Change to Make

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Display is only as important as it is useful.

Function, purpose and Practicality

Your house is your toolbox. It is only as useful as it is easy to use what you need for daily life. If my towels are perfectly rolled, but I do not have the time or the inclination to roll them, it is not a suitable method for your home. If washcloths look lovely stacked tall in the linen closet, it does you no good when you get int eh shower and realize you have forgotten to grab one. (We keep ours on a shelf above the toilet within arm's reach from the shower.

The strategy is to make your home beautiful in a way that suits your needs. If you are outdoors in the backyard, then maybe a nice coat rack near the back door would be helpful and aid in transitioning from the out-of-doors to indoors. If you are constantly running out of soap, keep the soap stored in a nice container where you can reach it easily to re-stock.

Everything in your home should aid in smooth mornings, and relaxing evenings. Have out only what you need. Keep items used together close to one another. Once this has been accomplished, display it how you like.

Books! Just smell that old book smell and dusty leather, over crisp pages.


Not only should items be stored in a useful and a beautiful manner, but taking a concerted effort to take care of your things always looks the best and most practical. Books will look their best longest when stored upright by height. This saves their bindings, allows them to lean on each other, always looks clutter-free, and is easier then trying to grab from a pile. Shoes should be side-by-side, not stuffed in a crate. Anything that you paid money for and enjoy, you should always strive to preserve. (And if you do not enjoy it, maybe someone else will...think about donating.)

More admirable is home decor that denotes that its owner knows how to care for their items. It gives the items value, and shows that you are a reliable and responsible person to care for your things. It also shows that you value your time. If you walk into a home where the bookshelves have little dustables in front of the books, picture frames tucked away in corners, and overall, looks quite lovely (and I might add a bit trendy), you may think they are okay with spending so many minutes merely trying to retrieve a book without knocking over the little treasures propped up around them.

Let's Get Decorating!

1. Texture! (Nothing dates a house like poor fabrics.) Choose natural fibers such as cotton, silk, wool, wood, stone. They will feel better to the touch. Keep a variety to immerse your senses: a cotton rug by the shower, a rock slab patio out back, a wooden porch, silky smooth sheets in the bedroom. Think woven baskets, wire bins, stainless steel hardware!

2. Use function to the utmost! Make your house work for you. Place items where you will need them to help you get in and out on time. Keep things by where you will use them so that you don't waste time dragging them from one end of the house to the other.

3. Be a good steward. Take care of what you own. Anything that has been cleaned up, polished up, and generally well taken care of is way more inviting, keeps it looking new, and makes you want to reside in it. Store things properly for a de-cluttered look you will feel you can breathe freely in.


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