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A good weekend

Updated on March 18, 2016

I like to separate the weekends from weekdays for a variety of reasons, even though I am “retired”. As a consultant, I often worked weekends, and when I didn’t I had to run all the errands my workaholic life delayed. So setting up a couple of ‘days of rest’ is a nice break for me. Online vendors for shopping are open, so I can do a little shopping, especially for Christmas or birthdays, without coping with crowded stores. But I can’t contact any businesses or services by phone, so I am relieved from a lot of busy work.

Saturdays, I like to put Music Choice Olden Goldies on the plasma in the living room. While I am doing whatever, my mind wanders back to the good times, from elementary school through college. I not only reminisce, I think out problems, and often find topics I want to write about, both fiction and non-fiction. I leave Saturdays for minor errands around the house – water the plants, switch winter/summer clothes and home décor, laundry. Then special projects like cleaning and rearranging the china closet. I sometimes call friends in the hope that they are home (a crap shoot) and write to people like my grandchildren. I grew up with old-fashioned hand-written letters, and still cherish them.

Around noon I call my mother. At the age of 89, her dementia has gotten so bad that I doubt she even knows who she is talking to. But she enjoys the one-to-one attention, and I feel as if I’m doing what little I can for her. I challenge her mind – name three colors, what’s the weather like, which should I do, A or B? In this situation she doesn’t feel as if she’s being backed against a wall, so she becomes a little proactive and tries to respond. It may not be connected to reality, but even confabulation keeps her mind working. And I get to remind her that she is loved and missed. While it is an upsetting experience for me, at least I feel like I’m doing something to fend off the dementia dragon. When she is bored (most of the time, since she has no short-term memory), I give her ideas of things to do, and she often remembers long enough to try to do these things.

The rest of the day is open to do whatever my inclination leads me to. Sometimes computer games, sometimes writing. I’m a terrible night owl and usually stay up until 1 or 2 AM, so sleeping in or an afternoon nap are okay.

If the weather is warm, I go to my patio, bookended with my flower gardens, watch the birds at the feeders, and read a book or do crossword puzzles.

Sundays, I like to put Music Choice light classical on the plasma in the living room. If it’s rainy or there is snow outside, I flip on the fireplace. The peaceful view through the lace curtains, and the precious objects I keep in there offer eye candy and peace. A good place to meditate. Again, if the weather is warm, I spend the time outside, possibly gardening, but at least enjoying the patio.

If it’s football season, the plasma switches to the games at one PM and stays on them till they’re all over. If I have it, eggs with bacon or sausage and rye toast for breakfast, and fresh-ground coffee. I often dress in a lounging robe, since I rarely go out on Sundays. I never make appointments on Mondays because I don’t even look at my calendar until Monday morning.

Nighttime is met with a full dinner if available; although I was a gourmet cook, I can’t be bothered fussing over food for myself during the week. If football is on, I forego the dinner and munch on canapés all afternoon and evening; this is what my husband and I used to do on Sundays once I learned he preferred that to a big Sunday dinner in mid-afternoon, even if it was scheduled for half-time.

Sunday is Me day. Manicure, pedicure, shampoo, and so on, ending in a soak in a bubble bath before bed. If I have a needlework project going, I work on it while watching television or sunning on the patio. I often treat myself to a glass of wine or a cocktail in the afternoon.

What would I like to add to my weekends? Visiting friends and family, or fulfilling my bucket list (Patriots game, parasailing, zip lining). This area is rife with culture – lilac festival, jazz festival, museums and so on. If I can find someone to go with, I like to do that.

I have never been known for having a routine, and weekends are no exception, so nothing stated here is carved in stone (except, maybe, the pro football). The freedom to ask “What do I feel like doing?” – and do it – is the beauty of my weekends.

© 2016 Bonnie-Jean Rohner


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    • Aroosa Hermosa profile image

      Aroosa Hermosa 

      3 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      Thanks for sharing :)


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