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Dyson multi floor vacuum cleaner review by a first time owner

Updated on August 2, 2014

I finally broke down and purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It took being frustrated and breaking numerous vacuum cleaners over a 5 years period to realize that investing in a high end machine may solve my dilemma of forever having to buy a new machine.My experiences with the Hoover Wind tunnel, Bissell, Eureka, and Dirt Devil machines had rendered me to believe that all vacuum cleaners were meant to last one year, so to purchase a $500.00 dollar machine seemed way too much to spend. But I decided to buy the Dyson DC 25 all floor Vacuum Cleaner that was on clearance after my Eureka bit the dust when the hose broke.

I purchased my machine over the Internet because it was the cheapest way to get one. I paid $397.00 with free shipping so the overall purchase was still cheaper than all the machines I had purchased over the five year period.

So far, I love this machine. Assembly was very easy and took all but 30 minutes to put together. My Dyson came with various tools to clean crevices, dusting, and upholstery cleaning. I also received some carpet cleaning products.

It is deceivingly light weight and feels lighter than the stated 15 pounds to carry up and down stairs. It also has a hose that can easily be used to clean stairs, ceilings fans, and unreachable heights. I like this feature because I use the hose and tools for eliminating steps when cleaning. (i.e.: dusting with a cloth) The cord is long so going from room to room without unplugging is a plus.

The suction power is unbelievable and the move ability of the ball enables me to clean my 2000 square foot house in under an hour. Who knew that a ball can make such a difference reaching places under counters, furniture, and corners?

Initially, I thought the machine was ruining my carpeting because the canister contained so much fiber, but my carpets looked brand new after one use. Unbelievable! A push button switches from carpeting to hard floors cleaning by stopping the brush rotation.

This is the first bag less vacuum cleaner where I don’t have to use my hands (Yuk!) to empty the canister. I have a dog and I hated emptying the canisters from my previous machines because shaking to remove the dirt did not do the trick.

My Dyson has two washable filters that should be washed every three months. One is located on top of the canister and the other inside the ball. I love that I don’t have to purchase new filters.

All my other vacuum cleaners required the purchase of new filters. It was costly especially with the average price of $14.00+ per filter. My Hoover required three so it was very expensive to replace those.

It takes about 24 hours for the filters to dry, but it is worth not having to buy new ones.

So far, I love my Dyson. Despite being plastic it is very well made and feels solid unlike my previous machines. I don’t think that the components will crack or fall apart. It has a 5 year warranty so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I can’t think of anything that I do not like about this vacuum cleaner and compared to the once I had, this truly is the Cadillac of machines.


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