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My Indoor Green House

Updated on March 12, 2010

There are many places that could be considered a special place for me. If I had to choose, it would be my indoor greenhouse. There are many reasons why I think my greenhouse is a hot  place to be. It is relaxing, keeps me active, and I am able to eat the fresh veggies. Yum!

One of the most important reasons why I think my indoor greenhouse is special to me is that I can go there to relax and be alone. I go into the greenhouse every day for a while just to relax and enjoy myself. The smell of fresh veggies is a great smell and it is very soothing. Just sitting there looking at what I have helped to grow and nourish is a good feeling.

Having my little greenhouse has helped me to stay more active especially during those cold months during the winter when it is hard to get out and about. It helps me keep active by watering them and doing other things that I need to do to take care of them so that I can have the best veggies possible. I can easily spend an hour a day doing what needs to be done to keep them healthy.

One of the rewards I get from my greenhouse is that I am able to enjoy fresh organic veggies on a regular basis. I can enjoy things like fresh tomatoes, carrots, and baby squash. The veggies taste so much better than the store and knowing that I helped them along even makes them better.

There are many reasons why I think my green house is one of the best places on the planet, such as it allows me to relax, keep active,and have fresh,yummy veggies. It has been very rewarding and is very special to me. I just bought some watermelon seed to see if I can grow fruit in my green house; it is going to be fun and hopefully in a few months I will be enjoying fresh grown mini watermelons.

What is your favorite place. Does it make you happy and content. It is very important to have a place that you can go to. I hope that you can find your special place too.


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