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About Starting A Garden From Flower Plant Seeds

Updated on May 24, 2009

Starting your Garden with Flower Plant Seeds

When the weather is chilly and it's snowing outside, it can be hard to think about the beautiful blossoms and colors of spring, many gardeners on the other hand know that planting flower seeds during this time will give them lovely blooming flowers throughout the warmer months.

It's not that difficult to get a flower garden started from flower plant seeds, especially if you know a few basic green tips to get you started. Here are some techniques for working with flower plant seeds that will help you enjoy your flower gardens this summer for a whole lot less green!

A Couple Things To Consider

Things about caring for flower plant seeds you should know:

  • If The Flower Plant Seeds Should Be Started Inside or Outside
  • How Deep to Sow The Flower Plant Seeds For Optimal Growth
  • Why You Should Clearly Label Your Flower Plant Seeds

I Want To Start A Garden With Flower Plant Seeds, Which Seeds Should I Choose?

There are lots of different kinds of flowers that can moved out doors once the weather gets warmer and the dangers of frost bite have passed. If you don't know whicg flowers are like this just read the back of the package to the flower, it will usually tell you.

spme plants seed packages will say that plants can be started indoors six to eight weeks early with flower plant seeds, while others will advise gardeners to wait and sow the flower plant seeds outdoors once the danger of frost has passed. Most of the time it's actually best for plants to start from flower plant seeds are annual flower plants, since perennials can be a bit finickier to nurture all the way to blooming from this early state.

How To Plant Flower Plant Seeds

A couple of common mistakes are for people to plant the seeds to low in the dirt, or not read the directions where it will tell you how to care for the plant.

Most flower plant seeds will germinate well in a basic potting mix. A common mistake that a lot of new gardeners make is to sow their flower plant seeds too deeply under the dirt. A good thing to remember to help you with this is to plant the seed just under the dirt, making sure you completely cover the seed with dirt.

This means bigger seeds will be planted a bit deeper, while smaller seeds can remain just under the surface of the soil for best results. If the flower plant seeds requires light for germination, it should not be covered with soil at all. Once flower plant seeds are planted, it is a good idea to cover them with a plastic lid or bag until sprouts begin to pop up.

Labeling Your Flower Plant Seeds Clearly

As you are planting each flower plant seed, make sure you clearly label which plants are which on the front of your pots. It's quite surprising how much your marigolds will look like your snapdragons  at l3east when your plants are just starting to grow!.

Doing this will make sure that you can place the flowers exactly in the place of the flower bed you had intended to without all the stress of guessing. This also means you can plant your seedlings even if the plants are not blooming right away. Beginning your garden indoors with flower plant seeds is awesome way to get a head start on the spring sowing that is to come!

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