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Three things that make your home stand out..!

Updated on September 28, 2014

I have been thinking how can I add something for the born home decorators who are looking for Ideas to convert their ultra modern house into a classic warm welcoming home

So I looked around in my own home and searched for items that make it unique.

I found 3 items that I think add to the existing beauty of my home

- Wall Paintings

- Wind Chimes

- Digital Photo frame

So first step I did was to setup an Amazon store where I categorized each one of those items by their most useful feature that helps distinguishing the products among several choices.

In case you are interested, visit the store to preview the categorization and selection

Madhubani Painting

Wall paintings:

The wall paintings are the most important part of a home and give a unique character. The choice of paintings, their style, material etc reflects the taste of the household members, specially the one who is in charge of decorating. Once can conclude a lot by just observing the paintings in a house. A variety of wall-painting products are available on the market. Madhubani style, oil based, cloth canvas and what not.

Wind chimes:

I used to be skeptical of putting a wind chime next to the entry door of the house. However when I bought home and had one on the front, I realized how eternal the feel is. When the cool night breeze blows and tingling of the wind chimes cross my ear pipes, I feel very relaxed and joyful. Choosing wind chime could be tough decision when you have plenty of choice. Even a small inexpensive would do the job however the expensive ones have merrier experience. Check the store I setup...

Digital Photo Frames:

The third one I noticed is the rolling art of my family. The memories of many journeys and events that all my family spent time together (about 1000+). Everytime I enter the family room, my steps stop to take a glance at the one in display and in moments I indulge in watching a few of them cherishing the sweet memories of the past. An 11” artistic frame brings royal looks and nothing like that if you can install 15” or bigger flushed with the wall. Check the store I setup for you to buy the relevant digital frames. I use 15" sunpak, the most versatile on market. Reviews are great on amazon.

© 2010 hubchief - pen name


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