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Advantages Of Using Rug Pads For Carpets

Updated on July 15, 2011

The use of rug pads for carpets offers many advantages. They offer additional comfort and safety. They will also help protect the flooring underneath, whether it is hard wood or carpet.


Area rugs can add warmth to a room. They will make walking on cold floors more bearable. However, they often will slip or slide, with repeated motion. Using a device to prevent bunching and slipping is a good idea, in homes where elderly people live. The non slip rug pads are typically made with a pvc material that feels like rubber. It also grips like rubber, to keep the carpet in place. This type of product may also be useful for areas of high traffic, such as hallways and entries.


Some rugs are thin and do not offer much protection from the hard floor. When used in a family room or living room, children will often sit on the floor to play video games or watch tv. The additional cushioning provided by the extra padding makes activities on the floor more enjoyable. It will also make the area warmer, especially if the rugs are placed over hard wood or tile floors in the Winter.

Protect the floors

Rug pads for carpets offer protection to the floor beneath. If wall to wall carpeting is underneath, the additional padding can help spilled liquids from running through the top surface, to a light colored carpet below. Sometimes spilled liquids are not detected for a while. They may run through and stain a hard wood floor, leaving a dark and noticeable spot in the area. The use of a thick one quarter inch pad will help reduce the likelihood that spills will ruin the floor, requiring expensive repairs or replacement. The thick products are made from polypropylene and a synthetic rubber. They will also prevent the carpet from bunching or slipping. Both types of products are washable.


The thick polypropylene products are quite a bit more costly than the other version. For a typical 8 ft. by 10 ft. pad, you can expect to

pay from $75 to $90, depending on where it is purchased. It is well worth the cost, when you consider the benefits of using it. For a typical synthetic rubber version, an 8 ft. by 10 ft. protector will cost around $20. They product you choose will depend on whether comfort and other issues are also needed. If it is simply for safety, the less expensive version will work nicely, in area of the home.


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