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Answers to Common Questions in Buying Quality Bamboo Bed Sheets

Updated on September 7, 2016

Must Know About Bamboos

Bamboos in the living room – might be more like it. Bamboo bed sheets – how? Bamboos are the largest among the grass families. They are used for furniture, decorations, construction and are used as weapons, medicines, musical instruments and others. They are also used for textiles. Yes, the new technology has now developed a process by which bamboos can be processed into comfortable and eco-friendly textile fibers which can be used to make clothes, scarfs, and beddings.

Bamboo fibers are made from bamboo pulps and undergo several processes so that it will turn white and soft. It is like cotton when unrolled and is thinner than the hair and is abrasion proof.

Benefits of Having a Bamboo Bed Sheet

After knowing the characteristics of a bamboo grass, we will now read further on the benefits you can get when using bamboo bed sheets and why you would want to add it to your bed sheet sets.


As a mother, I had always been watching out for budget wise household wares. Apart from the cheap price, I mostly consider the quality too. Bamboo sheets are almost the same price as cotton made beddings and likewise as comfortable.


Bamboos are processed and being made as medicines because of its vitamin contents such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E and mineral contents like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, iron and others. This kind of grass also does not need pesticides because of its natural resistance to pest making it naturally hypoallergenic and best suits persons who have sensitive skin.


As I have mentioned earlier, quality is still the best and bamboo bed sheets have this characteristics because of its strong fiber. It can withstand machine washing and even drying though, it is not recommended to always machine dry it because it shrinks.


Bamboo sheets are as comfortable as cotton sheets because it is smooth and soft too. It can also be used on all seasons because the fiber is thermo regulating and it becomes warm during winter and cool during summer time.

When buying housewares, which comes first?

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Top 3 Best Selling Bamboo Sheets

Looking for bamboo sheets to include in your bed sheet sets? Here is a Top 3 list of my research on some of the most recommended bamboo bedding according to user reviews and has passed all the criteria I wrote above:

  1. Cariloha – When we are talking about quality, this brand is the most recommended in the market because of the remarkable comfort it gives to the user. It is also thermo regulating, silky and smooth, durable and eco-friendly. The one thing that will surely surprise you when checking it is the price so when you are looking for the cheapest price, then you can choose from others on this list.
  2. Luxury Hotel – So far, this brand shows helpful reviews that will assist you in deciding what to choose in buying your first set of bamboo bed sheet. One thing that caught my eyes was a review that says it does not wrinkle and is easily washed when stained. The price is a bit high too but depending on the quality, you can make your own decision.
  3. Brielle – This so far is the cheapest quality brand I saw. It doesn’t have many good reviews but users still testify about the softness, the comfort, and a good fit to the mattress. It is also easily washed and is good for massage clinics too.

Still cannot decide if you will buy a set or not? Give yourself space and time. You can also do more research about bamboo bed sheets and which best brands will suit your needs at home.


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