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Air Condition filter change

Updated on July 17, 2009

Cost of not changing A/C filter

Recently I had a problem with my Air Conditioner at home that it stopped working. After doing some research I found out that motor was gone bad. My Air conditioner has variable speed motor, which is very expensive compared to other non-variable speed motors. After talking to repair guy I found that it is going to cost me like $1200 to replace it. I was shocked beyond belief that it will cost that much to replace the motor. Anyway I ended up spending that much for the repair.

While talking to the repair guy I realized that these motors are very sensitive. You must replace filters very often otherwise filter will get clogged with dust and air flow between inlet and air conditioner will be very difficult. That too variable speed motors will work very hard to pump air to the home and it will make it work very hard.

I had ignored replacing filter for a long time, more than year I guess. That was a very bad decision on my part. And I paid very dearly for it. Well, lesson learned is never ignore maintenance whether it's your home or car or anything.

You can buy 30 day filters in stores like walmart, k-mart etc. Buy and keep enough to last for a year or so, that way you don't have to run to store very often and you will be encouraged to change the filter. Now a days I put reminders on my Outlook calendar so that I will get reminders once a month to change filter.


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