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Burglar alarm systems, burglar alarms, alarms for the house and home security

Updated on January 27, 2012

Home security systems and home security cameras are now an everyday purchase for the home security conscious people protecting themselves from the burglars and thieves of our society. Some of these home burglar alarms are DIY alarms, so there is no need for the extra cost of having an installation by a professional house alarm fitter. Home security systems are now much cheaper and easier to install yourself, all burglar alarms come with full instructions and carry a 12 month warranty.

Selecting An Alarm Company

Police in all countries are now overwhelmed with the amount of false alarm call-outs, whether due to faulty burglar alarm systems or incorrect installation. Some police forces are passing a new law which will stop the alarm operating companies contacting the police in certain circumstances. So before investing in a home alarm system, ensure that the security system you choose, will be connected to an alarm company control point and that the company has its own security team which can be immediately dispatched when your intruder alarm is triggered. This is because the new law will state that the police will not attend the home alarm that has been activated, unless an alarm company security guard has already attended and a burglary has actually occurred, and only the companies with sufficient resources will be able to provide enough service to cover each area. Burglar alarm service providers who do not have the resources, may not turn out to an alarm call, and if they just call in the police, you may be responsible for a fine for false call out.

Selecting an Alarm System

When choosing a home alarm system, a professional alarm fitter will need to assess the area which you require to be alarmed. He can then inform you of the different choices available on the market, and may offer to sell or rent you certain home alarm systems.

There are silent alarm systems on the market, which are connected to a security centre. These alarms obviously do not annoy the neighbours in the case of a false alarm, but the security service will still attend to assess the situation.

Another unique home burglar alarm system, is the one which can fill your house with harmless smoke. Once your alarm sounds, your room is filled with dense smoke within a few seconds, this is meant to disorientate the intruder, as he will be virtually blinded, and cause him to try to get out quickly. One system similar to this is the deafening alarm system which is so loud that thieves have been known to bleed from their ears. or at least be deafened for a few days.

Some systems with CCTV cameras allow the use of the internet, so you can log onto your house camera from anywhere in the world, and can check on the status of your home, and in some cases people have actually watched their house being burgled and then the police arrive to try and catch them. These systems are good if you need to check if the gardener or pool man has been, like he said he would, as they have recording facilities.

Other systems allow you to have access codes for every individual who has access to the building, allowing you to see who was in the building and at what time.

Nearly every home burglar alarm system has the magnetic strips to connect to the window and the door in case one is opened. Others have motion detectors and noise detection, even one in case a window is smashed.

There are pre warning systems too, motion detectors and lasers for the garden,garage, aand even driveway alarms, set at different heights, not to low so the cat or dog does not set the alarm off. Some of these systems activate an alarm inside the house, only to warn you and they also activate external lights to illuminate the intruder and hopefully deter them. There are reja guard alarms which attach to the metal grill on your window, these have motion detectors in them, and will sound off the minute someone tries to remove the grills away from the window.

There are also off the shelf DIY burglar alarm systems which you can fit yourself, most of these are not connected to a service provider and are not really that good if you plan to be away from home for a while, unless you arrange a security company yourself.

Click away on the internet, it will cost you nothing, find an alarm company with all your requirements, click on several and ask them to come out and give you an assessment, again it will cost you nothing, you can then see what they are willing to provide and at what cost.

The burglar

Do not underestimate a burglar. You may never be able to stop one, you may only be able to deter them. No alarm system in the world can stop a thief, if they are really determined to get in. If you take as many precautions a possible such as having an alarm system, external lights, external pre warning alarms, even a dog, all these help, but advertise them. Put a sign up warning of a dog, warning of an alarm, they will usually walk past you and go to someone else. They know the free zones most alarms offer, and they are at night your bedrooms, the hall and the bathroom. Be warned, be careful. Add a panic button or two to your house alarm system, it does not cost much, but how much do you value everything in your house?


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    • jeyaramd profile image


      6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      Burglar alarm system is almost a necessity these days. Most apartment renters should also invest in these systems. This one of my ten tips for tenants in my hub post. Thank you foe sharing your informative advice.

    • billericky profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Plymouth

      No matter which country you live in, most systems operate in the same way. There is no guarantee that even after installing an alarm a residential or commercial premises will not be burgled. Every alarm installation company offers alarms which are available to them. Some companies offer the most profitable alarms for their company. It is up to the individual to select an alrm system that would best suit their needs and their budget.

    • profile image

      Scot Joshnson 

      7 years ago

      So, if you were to recommend a vendor for what you've described above, who would you go with? (given that we're talking about companies inside the continental USA)


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