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Alexeev Shower - New Generation Hydro-massager

Updated on March 7, 2013

Water, healing water

The pleasure that a man receives while observing the four elements - boiling water, clear air, warmth and the gifts of the Earth is the base of all the physical sensations. Man's necessity of physical sensations is huge. A scientific experiment has shown that if a man is placed in a special container and isolated from any irritants, then in some time he will start losing control over his thoughts and even concepts. He even has no longer any idea about his physical body. Also, the sense of time and reality is lost, hallucinations and nightmares begin. Central nervous system, deprived of any sensations first makes one sleepy and later on makes one anxious and strained.

Since we rarely find ourselves in such extreme conditions, we do not realize how important the irritants are for the work of our brain. But, for example, urban people who work in an office, often lack physical sensations. This is why highly active rest has become popular: it gives sharp sensations, adrenaline, bright impressions. But it can only last for a short time. And the major necessity - that of physical contact stays unfulfilled.

The problems of obesity, cellulite, destructive behaviour, chronic inflammations may be the voice of the body calling for new sensations.

Aqua parks have become extremely popular. Beside being an entertainment, they give lots of physical sensations. Noise and splash, cascade waterfalls, the pendulum of emotions, from fear to thrill...

Roman water therms were the prototype of the modern aqua parks. These were also spa centers, with massage and gyms. Roman historian Pliny the Elder considered that "The Romans knew no illnesses for 6 centuries because they healed only with water". Roman therms also had first hydro massage equipment: those were water pipes that made water flow at a high speed.

Silver medal won by Alexeev invention in Germany
Silver medal won by Alexeev invention in Germany

Why is showering so beneficial?

It is possible to have a little spa saloon in your own home, just with the help of a shower!

Did you know that Russian inventor Alexeev got a silver medal for his invention - hydro massage shower on the exhibition IENA-2005 in Germany? Why did this externally simple, unpretentious shower win the prize while the competitors had their modified versions of jacuzzi, hydro-massage showers and shower cabins?

The reason is, this simple nozzle that looks like any other, on the outside, is able to give extremely subtle sensations. It has a special effect of the noise of the water and the wind. This means, that, just like in case of a waterfall, the water flows at a great speed, and, doing so, grabs air ions. Compare: 37 000 ions in the air - the maximum that two big waterfalls make. 14 000 are produced by the work of Alexeev shower and about 2 000 any other shower. It also has the possibilities of other physio-therapeutic showers like underwater massage shower, needle shower, Charko shower.

You can direct the water flow under the water and get a jacuzzi effect!
You can direct the water flow under the water and get a jacuzzi effect!

How is it possible?

You may ask, how can it be possible in a usual bathroom? The answer is that the pressure created by the Charko shower can be easily created in a usual plumbing system. It is normally from 2 to 6 atmospheres. It's just that other shower nozzles aren't able to sustain the pressure required. In cylinder holes the water pressure is lost while the conoid holes of the Alexeev shower allow to keep the water pressure at a maximum and to create a powerful water stream. It's because the holes of this shower correspond to the stream movement ideally while smooth walls of an excellent German plastic create minimum of resistance to the flowing water. Why no other plumbing manufacturer has used the advantages of the holes like that? It's because only Alexeev managed to invent the way of making these holes where the hole on the exit is smaller than 1 millimeter.

The water pressure is much stronger than with other showers thanks to conoid holes
The water pressure is much stronger than with other showers thanks to conoid holes

The possibilities

Cool Alexeev shower will replace you a cup of coffee in the morning. It is more bracing than coffee. Warm shower in the evening will work like a sleeping pill. Thanks to its unique quality to make the veins react, it will softly lower high blood pressure and rise low blood pressure. It is useful for those who have varicosity and osteochondrosis, it helps weather sensitive people and just tired people. The shower is perfect to fight cellulite and allergy. It gives a young look to your skin and fights successfully with any signs of aging - wrinkles, skin roughening.

Underwater shower. Being in a hot bath, mass your body with circular movements with a strong water flow.

Overwater shower. Lift the nozzle over the water and direct water streams through the water layer to your body. Enjoy not only the underwater streams but also the boiling water over your body - a total jacuzzi effect!

No soap. You can just conduct an experiment. Use no washing substances, just water. Then run a cotton disk dipped in a tonic over your skin. You will see that your skin is crystal clear.

You can also wash a dirty dog at its pleasure, wash a tender clothing, or any small filter. And all this - with no problems and just a little effort.

© 2011 Anna Sidorova

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