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All You Need to Know About Outdoor Dining Furniture

Updated on December 8, 2016

Outdoor living and dining are an integral part of a legendary relaxed and easy paced lifestyle. Many contemporary homes and restaurants have alfresco dining areas which have become essential spaces for enjoying a relaxed meal. It is a great way of making use of available space and becoming one with nature.

An outdoor seating or dining area also requires apt furniture items ideally suited for the outdoors. Many resorts, home designers and architects prefer outdoor dining furniture made of stylish teak, and wicker material. They look elegant and complement the outside setting well. Those who wish for more sturdy items have an option of going in for more contemporary furniture made of stainless steel and Caesar stone, which are durable as well as stylish.

Things to keep in mind when buying furniture

Buying outdoor furniture needs as much planning as purchasing any other household décor items. The thumb rule while getting outdoor dining furniture is that it should go together with the existing architecture. Nothing is more jarring than furniture pieces that do nothing to offset the space they are placed in. Wrong furniture can easily ruin the ambiance you wish to create. So pick your pieces of furniture wisely after much deliberation; keeping in mind the size of the space and the other artifacts used there.

Another thing to remember is that outdoor dining furniture should be easy to clean, hygienic and able to withstand harsh weather and spills. The most common places where outdoor dining is done include apartment balconies, alfresco spaces, beach house sundecks, suburban backyards as well as by the poolside.

Outdoor Dining Tables

The dining table you pick should be easy to maintain and resistant to scratches, impact and the damaging UV rays of the sun. You have a wide range of materials to choose from, so go through the list before deciding what is best suited for your open dining space.

You get dining table tops made from stainless steel, glass, teak timber, lightweight cement reinforced with fiberglass, etc. Trolley tables that can be easily wheeled about are also available in many stores and are a good option for smaller spaces; like a balcony.

Outdoor Dining Chairs

You have a huge choice available to you. These chairs range from simple and practical furniture pieces made of polypropylene to elaborate lounge chairs that can be the center of attraction on your deck. You can buy and use chairs designed for specific locations such as the balcony, poolside, etc.

Wooden Dining Tables and Benches

Another trend is using a long wooden table and bench for outdoor dining instead of the regular dining table with chairs. These look good if you have a big lawn or backyard to place them in. It makes for a lovely eating experience especially if the weather is good. The advantage is that the long tables and benches are sturdy and long-lasting, easy to maintain and cheaper too when they come with no frills attached.

Miscellaneous Outdoor Dining Furniture Items

Apart from the essential chair, table or bench, there are also other items that can be bought and used to brighten up the outdoor dining spot. These include:

1. Umbrella

2. Magazine rack

3. Cushions

4. Serving trays

5. Decorative pots

6. Coffee and lounge tables

7. Loungers, recliners and armchairs

8. Round stools

9. Lamps


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