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American Crew Citrus Mint Active Shampoo: Product Review

Updated on October 13, 2014

My Product Comparison Test

It has never been easy for me to find a shampoo I really like. My hair is very fine, and I usually find that most shampoos leave my hair feeling greasy. If a shampoo does manage to make my hair feel clean, it often also leaves my hair feeling dry, and I don't like that either. Over the years I've found that higher end shampoo leaves my hair feeling better than store-brand or Suave shampoo. American Crew and Aveda are two of my favorite brands of hair care products for this reason.

Recently, I was out of shampoo so I headed to my local Target store to see if I could find a suitable replacement. I saw the normal American Crew shampoo in the brown bottles, but then I also saw something different: a clear bottle of American Crew Citrus Mint Active Shampoo. I clicked open the top of the clear bottle so I could smell the shampoo, and it definitely had a pleasant & refreshing scent. The Citrus Mint shampoo was the same price as the other American Crew products, so I decided I would give it a try.

Next time I showered, I decided to give the Citrus Mint shampoo a try. As soon as I began applying this new American Crew shampoo to my wet hair, I could tell it felt thinner than other shampoos I had used in the past. This thin feeling caused me to use more of the product, which is never a good thing. The Citrus Mint shampoo lathered up well and felt like it was moisturizing my hair, just like other American Crew shampoos I had used in the past. The shampoo completely rinsed away, but my hair wasn't "squeaky clean" like I was used to it being immediately after shampooing. When I got out of the shower and dried my hair, I noticed that my hair became more brittle and frizzy than it was when I used other shampoos. This was definitely not a good thing.

The Verdict is In!

In the end, I didn't really like the American Crew Citrus Mint Active shampoo. Not only did the consistency of the Citrus Mint shampoo cause me to use more of it, but it also didn't leave my hair feeling its best. I do like the "regular" American Crew shampoos which come in the classic brown bottles, but the Citrus Mint line of products just doesn't seem to be my thing. Some people may like it, but I believe that there are better, cheaper shampoos on the market.

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