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Amicor Bedding Products Prevent Dust mites

Updated on August 11, 2010

Nightmarish Creatures!

Picture of a dust mite
Picture of a dust mite

Dust mites are in your bed!

There are a lot of facts about dust mites that live in our beds. Recent research has shown that almost 70% of asthma may be from indoor dust mites. But maybe there is a solution? We all have them, and we all live / sleep with them. So lets get these little critters out of our lives!

What are dust mites, and why are they in my bed?

Dust mites are tiny little micro-organisms that live in the dark and live in a warm humid environment. A normal mattress in an average home could have as many as 2 million dust mites. We all know that when we sleep, we are shedding some of our dead skin cells. The cells are then left behind on our mattress and bed linens. Also the body's perspiration provides idea warm and humid conditions to create the perfect environment for fungal growth. Fungi grow into the dead skin soft, it’s edible, and a nutritious food source for dust mites, so they can grow and reproduce exponentially.

How do we get rid of dust mites?

  We are just now starting to implement a unique respiratory technique that can help suppress the threat of dust mites. In the past, it was accepted to just use of powerful pesticides to kill the dust mites. But as the world is trying to refrain from always using such powerful pesticides, we are slowly finding and developing new methods and techniques that can be better for us and our environment.

  To prevent house dust mites from surviving and multiplying in our bedrooms and residences, the method is simple. All you need to do is cut off their food source. It just breaks the life cycle of mites. What we need is linens that are anti-fungal but still allow our bodies to breath comfortably. Breathing fibers with special additives to kill and inhibit growth of fungi, thereby preventing skin debris turning into a nutrient-rich food source for dust mites.

Dust mite feces ( Dust mite poop ! )

After the dust mite feces have dried, it permeates into the air, and fills out bed sheets with dust mite excrement. When we are asleep, the dust mite excrement is then inhaled. Due to constant inhalation, we reflect on the production of these allergens to induce asthma attacks. Young Children are particularly sensitive to dust mite droppings. Asthma usually occurs when the baby of 18 months, the culprit is the dust mite feces.

Amicor Technology

  Over the years the leading manufacturers have been able to produce high quality fabrics that will help us breathe better. I was shocked when I first learned about dust mites and how to stop them from living in our beds! The more and more I shop for these kinds of textiles for my own home the more and more I am seeing a familiar name. Amicor Branded beddding products.

  Amicor Fiber was the first company that produced this anti-fungal fiber and was approved by the British Allergy Foundation back in 2002. Amicor Tex Standard is in the top 100 list of companies that uses ecological safety of textiles to allow antibiotics.

 Amicor uses a process called “late injection technology,” that will adhere to the fiber structure of functional additives to make a lasting and long-term existence of these features. Experiments show that, after 200 wash cycles, after the hospital, Amicor Fiber antibacterial properties remain. These results are great for all of us that suffer from “unknown allergens”


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