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Keurig - Kuerig K cups Coffee Maker

Updated on February 17, 2011

The small coffee maker that does so much more, than be a small coffee maker

When it comes to choosing a small coffee maker their are a few things to consider,

  1. How much coffee do you drink a day? (that's a good question)
  2. How much are you willing to spend on a small coffee maker?
  3. Are you looking for just a 1 cup coffee maker to fill a travel mug, or something along the lines of a 4 cup coffee maker.
  4. Are you brand loyal? some people have been using Mr. coffee forever and they won't switch brands.
  5. Does your small coffee maker need to be programmable?

These are all good questions to ask before you purchase a small coffee maker. But what if you could have more? More than just a small coffee maker.

I introduce the Keurig coffee maker, K cup gourmet single serve home brewing system.

Imagine the possibilities with Keurig k cups

Imagine the possibilities of your first cup of coffee being an espresso blend to really kick off your morning! Or what if you preferred some green tea instead, or how about a breakfast blend, or french vanilla flavored coffee, or maybe today you will just have hot chocolate. The choice is yours thanks to this amazing Keurig brewer.

Goodbye coffee filters, goodbye mess

Unlike traditional small coffee makers, With the Keurig single brew coffee maker you can say goodbye to coffee filters and the mess that follows, that's because this small coffee maker uses what we call a K cup. You can buy K cups in a variety pack or individual flavors. Basically to use a k cup all you do is pop open the coffee maker with a touch of a button, insert the k cup of your choice, close the lid and hit brew. If you are interested in the B30 mini you probably don't drink much coffee at a time and you must also fill the reservoir with water for each 8 oz brew.

Keurig small coffee maker    photo by mattboudreaux
Keurig small coffee maker photo by mattboudreaux

Keurig - Kuerig Pros and Cons

Now before you jump on the Keurig band wagon and Fire Mr. Coffee lets go over a few things.

  • Cost I have seen a regular small coffee maker for as little as $8.99 all the way up to about $40, for larger ones that hold up to 14 cups close to $200 dollars. The Keurig B30 mini starts at around $79.99 and makes 1 8oz cup of coffee. You must also consider the price of coffee, k cups are a little more expensive than just a large can of Folgers.
  • Plain old coffee If all you drink is plain black coffee or Coffee with a little cream and you drink 4 cups in the morning and 4 before bedtime (good luck sleeping) than a standard 4 cup small coffee maker would probably suit you fine.
  • Noise Keurig coffee makers put off a little vibration noise at the end of brewing which can annoy people. (know where near as loud as a coffee grinder)
  • Optional Filter If you do want to use your own fresh ground coffee you can buy an optional reusable filter for about $15 bucks but it is not required using K cups.
  • Hard to find The k cups used for brewing can be hard to find, however I have seen them at Meijer and Bed bath and beyond. The largest selection and best deals I have found are at Amazon. As the Keurig Craze becomes more of a household name it will be easier to find the K cups.
  • I broke my small coffee maker If you break or have a problem with a $15 dollar coffee maker you are probably going to run to Wal-Mart and buy a new one, If you break an $ 80 coffee maker you will probably first try to trouble shoot and repair, which means you might buy a $9 coffee maker to hold you over until your Keurig is fixed.

Overall, I have the luxury of using a Keurig coffee maker 1 cup at a time and to me theirs no comparison. Yeah the coffee might be a little more expensive but because of the large variety I have to choose from I have skipped my $5 Starbucks several times. It's like having whatever I'm in the mood for on demand (as long as I have the K cups in stock) From mud slide to cappuccino flavors Espresso blend to green teas and everything in between, Their is no mess or coffee grounds to dispose of, no dumping out half of your unused coffee, and the larger single cup brewing stations like the B70 can hold up to 60 Oz of water at a time with 4 brewing sizes depending on the size cup you want which is very convenient, insert k cup touch and brew. So if you are looking for an amazing small coffee maker that's out of the ordinary I highly recommend Keurig Coffee Makers.

  • Added Bonus (Your friends and family will be extremely jealous of you)

How much coffee do you drink?

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a single day?

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    • IslandStyle profile image

      IslandStyle 8 years ago from St Petersburg, FL

      Had to laugh at your comment of good luck sleeping after four cups before bed. You have a nice touch with the humor!

    • profile image

      dreamer22 8 years ago

      wow i am firing my old one for sure, great small coffee maker

    • profile image

      Josh-h 8 years ago

      I own the B40, Itis amazing anyone who likes fancy and quickness with no mess, needs this crazy small coffee maker. A++++++++++

    • profile image 8 years ago

      i think the keurig b30 mini is a great idea