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Antique Oriental rugs - Owning a piece of History

Updated on May 24, 2012

Antique Chinese Oriental Rug #43948


Pulling the room together with Antique Oriental rugs

Nothing pulls together the decor of a room quite like Oriental rugs. As a matter of fact, anyone lucky enough to own one should consider using it as the center piece of the room. After all, owning an antique Oriental rug means more than owning a simple piece of furniture, It is like owning a piece of history itself.

Antique Oriental rugs tell a story of the state of the world for the specific time and place in which they were woven. The pattern and style is unique to the culture of those who created it. Additionally, the colors and symbols of the rug indicated the event it was designed for or what the tribe was experiencing during the time the rug was being made.

There is nothing else as personal, though-provoking and beautiful as an antique Oriental rug. I am a collector and my goal is to own one rug that portrays each symbol, color and culture. My entire home is decorated with the rug as a focal point. Not only are they featured on the floor of nearly every room, they are also featured on the walls as artwork. When people visit my home for the first time, they cannot believe the number of Oriental rugs they see. When they start asking questions about them, they are even more surprised to discover that they are all antiques and that I know the individual history of each one. For many people, simply learning the history of each of my rugs is all the entertainment they need for the evening. Also, more than one person has told me later that they themselves were inspired to purchase at least one antique Oriental rug for their own homes or as a keepsake for their children or grandchildren.

Antique Oriental rugs are iconic. Never before or since has anyone been able to create something quite as beautiful and meaningful as the rugs of this era, they tell a story of a time and a culture no longer found and they remind us of how important it is to keep up with tradition and create mementos of our lives.


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