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Area rug - contemporary and traditional area rugs

Updated on April 12, 2011

Area rug to define and add character to your living space

A rug defines the character and the beauty of a room. Area rugs bring living spaces to life and they can be effectively used to bring together all the elements in the room. Edgar Allen Poe wrote “the soul of the apartment is the carpet.” It is a piece of art on your floor, with a practical value. The best thing about using an area rug is that it transforms the room almost instantly. I would call and area rug as an instant makeover for your room or living space. This piece of home décor is so versatile that it can move with you as you move and change with you as your moods change. Rugs are the easiest way to change the look of your home without sweat.

Different kinds of area rugs

Rugs are named based on the place of their origin or based on their utility or style.

You have a wide variety of rugs to choose from, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, contemporary rugs, children’s rugs, Tibetan rugs, silk rugs, shaggy rugs etc.

You need to decide on what is right for you and your living space so that you are comfortable in it.

Choosing the right Area rug

Buying the rug is not a hard part it is the decision making.

There is so much to choose from and getting a basic idea of the different kinds of rugs available without a salesperson trying to influence your decision will bring you much closer to the right choice.

Take a good look at all that is available, keep color, size, durability and traffic in that area, style/design, pricing etc in mind before you make your decision.

Floor rugs - why?

Floor rugs can make your room look cozy or formidable, spacious or small almost instantaneously. It can become the focus of the room or draw attention to the furniture; all this depends on the choice and placement of a rug. You need to decide on the size of the rug keeping in mind the size of the room or the positioning of the rug.

Choice of colors is very important. Dark colored rugs can make the room look small and crowded. It would be an ideal choice when you have huge floor spaces and you want to make it look cozy.

Light coloured and delicately designed rugs can make the room appear wide and spacious while giving the appearance of higher roofing. A light colored rug does not draw focus to itself, but to the furniture or the other elements in the room.

If you know what you want to focus on and then it is easy to decide on the color, pattern or shape.

Versatile - Area rugs

Area rugs are so versatile that they can be used over floor to floor carpeting, but make sure that you use a rug liner under it.

You could use it to complete the theme around which you have decorated your room. They could be used to compliment or contrast the elements in the room.

They are available in different sizes and shapes making it easy to pick the right rug for you.

Persian rugs

Persian rugs are known for their bright color and elaborate designs.

They are perfect pieces of art and you would be proud to own one.

Persian rugs are durable and look great with age, in fact some say that a Persian rug looks it best when it is thirty or forty years old.

Oriental area rugs

Oriental rugs originally came from China, now they come from India, Iran, Tibet, Persia, Turkey, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Algeria etc.

These are hand woven on looms and are known for their bright colors. They generally reflect the country or the region they come from.

Oriental rugs in wool are more affordable than the ones in silk. Silk rugs are not meant for heavy traffic areas while the woolen rugs are durable.

Kashmir and Tibetan rugs

Kashmir Rugs are a blend of Persian and English designs. The invasion by the Mughals and later the British has birthed a style that is unique to Kashmir rugs from India.

Tibetan Rugs Tibetan rugs portray the tribal traditions of the Himalayan region. The elements of Buddhism are well blended in the designs and patterns of these rugs. Tibetan rugs are known for their tiger patterns, but these are not the only Tibetan rugs. Tibetan rugs are unique and intriguing in nature and can become great conversational pieces

Contemporary area rugs and shag rugs

Contemporary rugs as the name suggests are more contemporary in design and are highly suitable for apartments and modern homes. These contemporary rugs are very unusual in design and style, very artistic and unique as the artist himself.

Shag area rug offer depth and texture to the room. Today shag area rugs are made out of soft but thick fiber that is durable and affordable.

Kid's rugs and braided rugs

Children’s rugs colorful rugs with children’s themes stimulate the child and brighten up your child. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, they range from cartoon characters to geometric shapes, from lady bugs to spring themes. Choose a rug based on the interest of the child. It not only stimulates your child but also provides protection from falls and scrapes that is a part of growing up years. Keeping the child age, needs and the décor of the room in mind you could make the right choice.

Braided rugs suit country houses or those designed to keep things simple and natural. Braided rugs suit areas where the rugged look is needed. These are hand crafted.

Tips for using choosing and using your area rugs effectively

You will surely find ‘the rug’ that suits you and your living space if your search for it. It is important to make a statement of your style as each home is unique and different from the other.

Rugs are not only pieces of art but also good sound absorbers. You can choose a thick pile for areas where you need quiet.

Rugs make the room look cozy and comfortable and lend warmth to the rooms.

If your room has got too much to stimulate the eye, use a simple rug that is sober and simplistic in design or the room may look cluttered.

For a room that has very little furniture or austere in nature, you can choose colourful and elaborate design to make up for the simplicity.

Geometric designs make rooms look trendy and are suitable for teens or young adults with a racy lifestyle.

Balance the décor of your room with the rug. Pick a design, motif, color or theme to highlight and this can be done with a suitable rug.

You can cover your old fading or balding carpets a beautiful rug and brighten up the place without having to redo the carpeting.

So shop with your eyes and find a rug with character and uniqueness to suit you before you order!!


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