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Area Rugs in Bedroom

Updated on July 7, 2016

Area rugs and carpets are always being popular. It is known as a heavy fabric that covers a floor. Rugs are useful not only for a decoration; they also give cosiness. People may confuse when they are choosing a good rug for home, as there are many types of them and rules for place it. Therefore, this article may help you to understand the basics.

Before, let’s talk about history of carpets. Traditionally, carpets were made from wool, but since 20th century synthetic fibers such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester were used because of lower cost. The term "rug" can be used instead "carpet", though carpet is used to cover whole room or house, whereas a rug is smaller and covers at least one room. Rugs may produced on a loom by using needle felts, knotted by hand.

Nowadays, carpets and area rugs are being widely used for different purposes, someone for decoration or someone for warmth. However, these two are fully cover all functions and purposes of people despite of their interests and tastes.

Bedroom is the place where people may have a rest and sleep with sweet dreams. Nevertheless, it depends on how furniture is placed and its comfort as it should give a sense of peace and harmony. Additionally, area rugs are have an important role in it. They are unique multi-functional item that provide warmth and harmony to your house. Especially for children, area rugs can be a place for games protected from cold floor even in severe winter.

Bedrooms have different sizes, big or small; therefore, placing area rugs in it can be a big dilemma. There is a question of how to place area rugs without any problem and choose the right type. One of the most popular rule is that the rug should be quite large to slide under the front legs of sofas, bed and chairs or full legs. This is shown in a picture below.

However, it is not comfortable to clean up a room or the rug itself, if the rug is under the bed. That’s why, it will be better if rug will not be placed under the bed but near it. So, it can be easily cleaned up.

It is often recommended that rugs, which you choose, should be shorter for 60 centimetres than your room size. For instance, if your bedroom is 3.35 cm by 3.96, then the limit should not be over than 2.74.

One of the main roles of area rugs is to protect from cold and bacteria, which is the reason why they should be always clean. And that depends on which type of fiber you choose. So let’s talk about the fiber type of area rugs. There are different materials of rugs to choose such as wool, silk, sisal and others. The most durable rugs are made from wool and silk, but they are quite expensive. There are other natural products such as grass, sisal and jute, that can be payable but cannot be well worn.

  • Wool

This type of fiber is the most expensive and highly durable. In spite of stain and dirt resistant function, wool may easily fade up from direct sunlight.

  • Nylon

This is the most popular fiber type used in carpeting. Nylon may fade up if it will be left in direct sunlight for long periods.

  • Polyester

Polyester increases popularity more than other fibers as it's less expensive. But it's not enough resilient as nylon fiber and is more likely to be damage and fade. If in construction was used thick cut-pile style, polyester has a soft feel.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic fiber is not famouse type of fiber, but provides the look and feel of wool without any expense. It is not produce static electricity and also resistant to mold and mildew.

Another tip for choosing the right rug is to find the right type that can be easily cleaned up and look gorgeous despite how many times you have washed it. There are various types of area rugs construction:

  • Cut-pile

With this type of construction at area rugs gets the durability and strength through the fiber used, the density of the tufts and twist of the yarn.

  • Loop-pile

In this type, yarns are not cut by making loops visible and they are durable.

Area rugs are come in different shapes, colours and figures. People have different tastes, so they can choose any type of them, whether they are classic, with flowers, stripes and other patterns. You can see examples here.

In spite of the value of area rugs in your bedroom, it is important to leave them clean and fresh all the time. For this, you can give your area rugs to professionals to clean it, but it can cost you a lot. Here is the basic rule of caring your rug at home:

1) Regularly vacuum rugs to remove dirt on both sides, but avoid the fringe of your rug.
2) Brush it with stiff brush to remove hair of your pets or other threads.
3) Regularly shake and beat energetically your area rug outside to remove dirt and grit.

Area rugs have long been in vogue for its beauty and for giving warmth in cold winter. Furthermore, it has a special value in decorating your bedroom by creating unique view. Despite the reasons of choosing an area rug, you can be assure that it will be not only decorative, but also multi-functional for you and your family.

We hope that, this information was helpful for you.

Here is the video that can help you to choose the right area rug for your bedroom


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