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Australian Giant Trees

Updated on October 11, 2013

Rubber Tree

The Rubber tree (Ficus elastica) is a large tree which grows to 30-40 meters tall. The fruit is small yellow oval fig and it is not comestible. It has a stout trunk up to 2 metres diameter.

This tree prefers frost free climates, bright sunlight and cool temperatures. It will grow well in humid conditions. It is a fast growing tree.

The tree is grown as an ornamental plant. Rubber trees are grown in parks and along rest areas. They are great shade trees. Rubber trees are sources of rubber and latex.ber and latex

Ficus elastica secondary roots are used to build living bridges in the regions of Cherrapunji, India.

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is a conical tree. It grows to 50-70 metres tall. They can reach beyond 100 years of age.The Norfolk Island Pine has a straight vertical trunk with symmetrical branches. The cones are about 10-12 cm long and 12-14 cm diameter, and take about 18 months to mature.

It is planted in coastal esplanades, avenues and parks. They are also used in roundabouts and larger traffic islands. Younger trees are grown in large pots and sold as Christmas trees.

It thrives in coastal areas and keeps its symmetrical shape in spite of onshore winds. Norfolk Island Pine prefers full sun and drained soil.

Atlas Cedar

Another giant tree is the Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) tree. Mature trees may reach 30 meters tall and 20 meters wide. The cones are barrel-shaped and upright. They take around two years to reach maturity.

This tree will grow in most parts of Australia, except for inland and tropical areas. It grows best in cool and moist climates.

Atlas Cedar is grown in parks, golf courses, large gardens and country properties. The weeping form can be trained over a pergola or other garden structures.

Australian Silver-oak

Australian Silver-oak (Grevillea robusta)It is a native of eastern coastal Australia in riverine, subtropical and rainforest environments. It is a fast growing tree.

It can reach between 18–35 m tall and diameters in excess of one metre. The tree leaves has greyish white or rusty undersides. Its flowers are golden-orange, between 8–15 cm long.

This tree can tolerate shade and low temperatures.It prefers full sun and grows well in warm areas. It is drought resistant.

The timber from this tree was used for external window joinery because it is resistant to rotting. It was also popular for making nice furniture.

Claret Ash

Claret Ash (Fraxinus Oxycarpa) is a great shade tree. It grows to 15-20 metres high and 9 metres wide. It has dark green leaves which will turn dark red in autumn.

This tree is planted in larger gardens, streets and parks. It is very popular in landscaping.

The rate of growth is moderate to fast. It performs well in moist soil and full sun.


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    • rick combe profile image

      rick combe 6 years ago from USA

      I never realized that the rubber tree was considered ornamental. Too bad I can't grow one where I live.