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Average cost of tree removal - fairly close to house, trees about 20 feet high

Updated on May 27, 2011

Pricing a tree removal

Living in a state where we are prone to hurricanes in combination with doing tree and landscaping service for a living I can tell you that pricing a tree to be cut down or even trimmed can be tricky and even difficult task for a home owner. Before actually calling a tree service to your home for an estimate make sure you evaluate the idea first by yourself or even with a loved one. Step back and look at the tree. Is it dead? Is it posing a threat to my home? Do I have the finances to hire a tree service to come cut it down? How will doing this affect my curb appeal? These are all pretty basic questions most people will ask themselves before hiring anyone to even give an estimate. These are all very good questions and if you have not asked yourself these questions now is the time to do so.

Things to consider when planning to hire a tree service

  • Do your research on any service you are considering. Make sure they are not only licensed with the county or state but also insured. In some states it is not mandatory for a tree service to carry insurance however it is always wise to hire one that has it in case of any vehicle, property, or home damage occurs.
  • Check the company's reputation. If they are registered to the Better Business Bureau you can research their reputation. Word of mouth is also a fairly reliable way to determine a local company's reputation.
  • Try to hire a well known or big company. Price ranges widely vary from company to company usually a larger tree service can offer a cheaper price and shorter time frame not only on when they can do the job but also in time that it will take to get a job done.
  • If a small Tree Service is your choice take into consideration that a smaller service is probably going to be priced higher as most smaller companies may not have heavy equipment or may hire climbers on a job to job basis. If a climber is needed and limbs have to be roped down to prevent damage to your home or to miss power lines you can more then likely expect that your price will probabley be at least $350.00. If the tree is dead and cannot be climbed you then will have to consider the cost of a crane or man lift being used. Smaller companies usually rent this equipment so you can guarantee yourself the cost of the rental being $100.00 to $500.00 or more depending on what equipment is needed and how long it will be used. If the tree is easy enough to simply chop and drop your price will be $75.00 at the least.
  • Get several price quotes and not just one as well as making sure all permits are taken care of by the company unless you plan on doing that yourself. Also check newspapers and local coupon magazines for discounts and coupons. Some services also offer Senior Citizen discounts. Some services will offer package deals for multiple trees or for removal and stump grinding. Always remember the service will want the job so some of them will want you to remove the tree even if it isn't necessary, so if you feel you are being lied to stay away from a service. If they give you your options and tell you possibly that the tree should be left alone that is a good inclination that you may have a trustworthy service.
  • Some things tree services may also figure in to the price are bars and chains for chainsaws $25.00- $160.00, Climbers $150.00 or more, Gas and oil for saws, blowers etc. $5.00-$35.00, time as much as $25.00 or more an hour if roping and employee pay $10.00 an hour per employee or more. If hauling away debris they will usually $25.00 or more per load also.
  • If a service asks you how much you were looking to spend give them a reasonable price idea and do not estimate higher then you want or better yet allow them to tell you what they are planning on charging you and what exactly is included in the work that they are going to perform. Smaller services sometimes will use this as a tool to make as much money as possible by you telling them you don't want to spend more then $300.00 it gives them an open field to make maybe significantly more then they were planning on charging you to begin with. If you were to say $300.00 they may have only been planning on charging you $150.00 but since you gave the open invitation they may tell you $225.00 so you feel you are getting a bargain however in actuality they are making more then they intended.

These are just a few tips on how to help yourself make your decision and should not be considered a guide or set price range for any Tree Service. Your best option when hiring a Tree Service is to go with your instinct, and if a tree is healthy and not posing any major threat to your home the best bet is to leave it where it is. After taking down a tree planting another one elsewhere on the property is a good idea not only environmentally but it is also a requirement in some areas.


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    • profile image

      james 5 years ago

      I will do it. I have to travel from Levittown pa but am willing to do it. Reply to

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      Can anyone recommend a tree removal service in Yonker ny? I have large tree that's uprooting the driveway that needs removal.

    • dorothy0328 profile image

      Dorothy Cooper 5 years ago from Deltona Fl

      @ Charleslowe that is great advice I know most tree services are a slow if not a stand still in the winter I didn't even think to mention that. And I agree to what you said about the overhead. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Charleslowe 5 years ago

      Having your climber on a tree that requires HIM, instead of floating it out with the boom truck, is more hassle, more dangerous for him, less control, and slower. All that affects the price, for my world.

      Some bigger companies have a tendency to charge more mainly for the reason that they are aware of the cost of trying to get a few of those nickles back into the owner's pocket. Overhead in this business is way up there, and anyone that would tell you otherwise should put down his pen and pick up a saw. Some weeks, labor gets all the money and the owner just gets to keep the business alive. The smaller companies are a bit more in the starvation stage, not yet realizing the expense breakdown, and often cheaper.

      If you are needing to have a tree removed, here's a trick to know: get it done in winter, or as soon after winter as possible. tree workers don't always have work in the winter, and that could last as long as from November to April(this last year rain stayed till June, work tends to die then). The business bills keep coming in, the money doesn't. You might see some of the best prices then, company owners may want to get in SOMETHING even if it means less than they really need from the job.

    • davideugene05 profile image

      davideugene05 5 years ago from Ohio

      If the pay is right and I can make enough for plane ticket and just alil in my pocket ill do it my email is my screen name at yahoo. com prolly be around $2500 for all trees ...that's just me getting them to the ground

    • profile image

      chris 5 years ago

      it appears that nooe cuts trees down in northeast texas? i have 12or 15 pretty close to the house some dead, some really tall, ??????

    • dorothy0328 profile image

      Dorothy Cooper 6 years ago from Deltona Fl

      I would have several companies give me a bid.

    • profile image

      Riley Brown 6 years ago

      I have to agree with David Rutter. I feel that your comment about larger tree companies being cheaper is very misleading. I have worked for the largest tree service company in North America and they were by far the most expensive. I now work for a smaller company, as well as run my own, and I routinely hear from clients that the big companies are anywhere from 10%-40% higher than us and typically don't provide as good a service as we do. As well, there is very high turn over of employees at larger company which increases your chances of having an inexperienced salesperson or climber taking care of your job. This may result in you paying more for less. Also about 90% of our work involves climbing and all reputable companies have full time climbers so if they try to increase the price based on the fact a climber is required, I would rethink using the company.

      Have a great day everyone!!!

    • profile image

      kevin 6 years ago

      i run i have been in business for just about two years. i recently bid a large and very challenging silver maple at $1300 thinking i would easily be the low bid. i was out bid by almost $900 by a well known company. he showed up three weeks late and did significant damage to the brick patio. the worst part is that he just packed up and left with most of the tree still standing. i ended up finishing the job for $900. cheaper isn't always the best. make sure to ask for references.

    • profile image

      David Rutter 6 years ago

      I just started my tree services in Ohio and its just one other guy and me. Recently I have been told that I am way cheaper than a lot of the bigger companies. It's hard to believe how much the bigger companies around here charge.Also, I do all my trimming and removals by climbing, but enjoy doing it.

    • dorothy0328 profile image

      Dorothy Cooper 6 years ago from Deltona Fl

      Karol contact a locaol tree service or landscape service and get quotes on cutting up and hauling away or if you have a yard waste pick up day cut it up yourself and place a little bit each week out by the road. Contact your local garbage pick up company for the specifications and details on yard waste

    • profile image

      karol glenn 6 years ago

      i have a large tree in the backyard that fall and i need some help to remove it what should i do or who can i get to help me

    • dorothy0328 profile image

      Dorothy Cooper 6 years ago from Deltona Fl

      $6,800 seems way to high but again I haven't seen the situation that the tree company is looking at are they going to be bringing in a crane? I would definitely shop around try a few bigger companies just for estimates maybe even a couple small ones but make sure you find out exactly what they are going to be doing and how long its going to take them.

    • profile image

      SparklingSnow 6 years ago

      Wow! Thanks for the information. I was given an estimate of $6,800.00 for a one big tree! It's a small tree service company in this small town where I live. I better look for bigger company then who can price me lower.

    • firstpagenetwork profile image

      firstpagenetwork 6 years ago

      Thanks for the useful hub!

    • dorothy0328 profile image

      Dorothy Cooper 6 years ago from Deltona Fl

      I agree tree removal can be very expensive and depending on the amount of work that is done the price will vary. Here locally where I live some of the big companies will drop a tree reasonably cheap. If you are going to get rid of the wood yourself it is often cheaper as they do not have to bring in a trailer or mulcher. If it has to br climbed it will be more expensive as climbers will often start at $200.00 or more. And thank you for the nice comments and please I have deleted several nasty comments so if you leave a nasty comment towards me just please know that your comment will be deleted. Thanks again for reading.

    • jmelees profile image

      jmelees 6 years ago

      Tree removal can be quite expensive. good article, more detail then any I 've seen (or written)

    • profile image

      milly-oh 7 years ago

      I just had four trees cut down, 2 were very large, 1 medium sized and one tall and thin (all 50 to 70 feet.) Branches were mulched, trunks were cut into firewood and stumps were all ground... $1,150. I am in Sullivan County, NY. My friend in yonkers had 1 large tree cut down and removed, no stump grinding.. $500.

    • rdelp profile image

      rdelp 8 years ago

      My parents just had a tree removed and it was pretty pricey.

    • Sexy jonty profile image

      Sexy jonty 8 years ago from India

      Very well written hub .....

      very much informative ......

      Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.