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Avoid Bottled Water and help reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Updated on March 17, 2011

Did you know that Americans in 2006 consumed 31 billion liters plus of bottled water? For every man, woman, and child, that equates to about 28 gallons of water. It takes 900,000 TONS of plastic to manufacture all those bottles; but worse yet the greenhouse gas emitted is equivalent to 500,000 cars! Double that climate impact if that bottled water is trucked 500 miles. Then consider that much of bottled water comes from much farther away.

1: purchase nontoxic, reusable water bottles for you and your family. Stainless steel is a good alternative. Manufacturers include but not limited to New Wave, Kleen Kanteen, There are also nontoxic water bottles for kids:

2: If you're not satisfied with your tap water quality, filter it! Brita, PUR, Aqua-Pur are a few brands out there. You can choose from different types of filtering systems from faucet to whole house. Here is a link that compares these different systems.

3: Encourage your friends to follow your example. The more people that switch to a more sustainable method of carrying water, the less CO2 we'll emit into our atmosphere.

4: Get serious about your conservation efforts. Join an online environmental group like New American Dream. This organization is practical, NOT in your face, does not sell your email address, and gives completely sane and simple tips that everyday people like you and me can make a difference. Take their pledge to break the water bottle habit.


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    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 10 years ago from Sydney

      Spot on! I wrote a hub on shopping responsibly to save the environment, and this is one of the things I mentioned. I'm off to add a link to this hub from mine, because it's such a good explanation. Thanks!