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Updated on December 22, 2012


TODAY'S LIFESTYLES AND RUSHED SCHEDULES compels all couples to have a nice room to retreat and recuperate at the end of each day. For this to happen, of room upkeep and maintenance should take precedence. However, bedrooms being private retreats, they are kept out of sight from visitors and relatives as well. Hence, the need to decorate is not urgent and last in preference.

Couples are eager to bring back life into their bedrooms. Upon entering the bedroom it would be good to feel pressures and stress ooze away and bliss takes over. Where to and how to begin remains a big question. Creating a comfortable retreat or even as a romantic sanctuary can be simple and rest assured that the rewards will be well worth the effort.

Colour definitely ignites life into the bedroom. Colours set the mood. Shades of red and pink are the passionate colours of love. This is not to mean that you rush straight away into washing all the 4 walls into red, pink and related shades or mixtures. Theses colours can also sap the energy of you. Go for soft neutrals. Blue, green or grey tones will calm and soothe. Within this calm and soothe, romance can bloom. 

The chosen colour scheme should be easy on the eyes. Take time to select several shades from the same paint card. Why not paint your ceiling as well in a slightly lighter shade of your wall colour. Your eyes now do not have to keep switching and jumping colours. When the eyes sweep across the room, they are kept gentle and soothed. 

Lighting is important. Avoid fluorescents. Recessed lights are subtle and allow you to cast light to the entire room. Chandeliers add luxury, but let it not overpower you by hovering low in a small room. Ceiling fans are a good choice as they keep the air circulating and create a gentle breeze. It is best to select a flush mount fixture over traditional stem types. Again the size of the room dictates.

The flickering glow of candles is both sensual and flattering. Do be realistic about how frequently you might light them, with safety in mind as well. Dimming the lights using a switch is much more practical.

Aroma scents play an important role in creating bedroom comfort. This starts with the first step in banishing bad smells. Do find another place for dirty laundry. Keep your pets away from the bedroom. Now that your room is clean of odour, you can choose scents that you both enjoy throughout your room. There are many fragrances, with each its own power on the senses. Play with a at a time. The number one rule in creating a pleasant smelling atmosphere is not to allow the scent to overwhelm and overpower you and your partner. Too much of anything would hurt. 

The final ingredient for your comfortable bedroom is texture. Remember, how you chose to minimize contrast in colour to create a cozy and relaxed feel and atmosphere. so now it is time for some contrast. Texture helps. Neatly tailored bedding, a good pile of pillows, and silk curtains can all together play beautifully to enliven the room.

When you have achieved the perfect balance of colour, lighting, scent, and texture your heavenly retreat is nearly complete. Not too many, but a few accessories will complete the room. Keep the clutter of everyday needs of life from creeping or showing up all over the bedroom. Your newly created space is now the comfortable bedroom to retreat, retire and recuperate. Good night and sweet dreams.


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