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Best Baby Diaper Changing Table Dresser Combo 2015

Updated on May 5, 2015
Graco Lauren Dressing Table
Graco Lauren Dressing Table

There are many pieces of equipment and furniture that you can buy to make your life much easier when you have an infant in your home.

A changing table is one such piece of furniture that I refused to go without after not having one with my first child.

Granted, I was much younger with my first child, but my last two had changing tables and I have never regretted it.

You might not think that sitting on the floor will not be a problem, but when you change a newborn infant every 1-2 hours every day, you might think otherwise.

Plus, when your baby gets bigger, she will tend to want to roll away from you as if it is a game, and toddlers are stronger and often make it much harder to change them on the floor.

Delta Eclipse Changing Table
Delta Eclipse Changing Table

Pros of Using Diaper Changing Tables

The biggest benefit to using a changing table is less back strain for caretakers. Bending over to change diapers and get baby dressed, or getting on and off the floor can often be hard on your body.

A changing table gives you a central location to store all of baby's necessities. Many of these have shelving or drawers for storage.

You can often find tables in a variety of styles and finishes to help match the décor in your nursery.

Your baby is often safe from falling since guardrails and straps keep them safe. As your baby grows, he will know that he doesn’t have much room to move around and will often sit still for you to complete his change.

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with 3 Baskets and Hamper
Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with 3 Baskets and Hamper

Cons of Using Changing Table Dressers

The main disadvantage of buying a diaper changing table is often the cost.

Once you have bought the necessities like a crib, the car seat, and a stroller, a changing table is just one more thing to pay for.

They can also take up more room than you might have in your baby's nursery.

What kind of baby changing table do your prefer?

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Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets
Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets

Types of Baby Changing Tables

Open shelf changing tables are the most affordable.

These have a flat changing surface with several open shelves underneath.

The changing surface should have a very sturdy guard rail to keep your baby in place.

Dresser/changer combos usually feature three or four drawers with a changing table that is attached to the top, and that can be removed when your baby no longer needs diaper changes.

These can be used for longer periods of time so they tend to be more economical.

Hybrid changing tables are part changer, part dresser.

These usually feature a changing tray on the top with some dresser drawers, as well as open shelves or a cabinet.

This is also a multi stage device and can be used for many years.

DaVinci Roxanne 3-Drawer Changing Table
DaVinci Roxanne 3-Drawer Changing Table

Features to Look for in Baby Changing Table Dressers

I recommend paying attention to how much storage a changing table gives you. If you don't need much storage and want just a simple table, you will spend a lot less money.

However, I have used my changing tables as my baby’s dressers. Some come with open shelves, though this can be a hassle when your baby gets old enough to start pulling things off the shelves.

I prefer using a changing table that has closed drawers and even a cupboard with a door.

Check the guardrails that a changing table comes with. Those that have high guardrails will give your baby the most safety. Make sure that the rail is securely attached to the table.

Height should also be considered. Most are made for average heights and are quite comfortable for caretakers to use.

However, if you are particularly tall, find one that is a bit taller. Tables have average heights of 32 to 42 inches.

The table you consider purchasing should be sturdy. Make sure that there are no signs of it wobbling.

The safety strap is also a very important feature. This is usually centered on the table and keeps your baby from rolling off.

If you have a table that does not come with a changing pad, make sure any changing pad you purchase has straps to attach it to the table and also a strap for your baby.

Make sure that the top shelf space is close enough that you can still keep one hand on your baby while reaching your supplies.

Best bonus Accessories for Baby Diaper Changing Tablets

Changing pads are what your baby lies on while you change her. Vinyl pads are the easiest to clean since they can simply be wiped down with a wet cloth. They are also waterproof.

Changing pad covers will give you an extra layer and be softer against your baby’s skin. You can find these in all kinds of styles, colors, and fabrics.

Just make sure that it is machine washable for convenience.

Depending on the type of changing table use, you might need a diaper caddy. This will organize all of your supplies and can be easily set up on a shelf.

No changing table comes with a diaper pail, but you are going to need one regardless if you use a changing table or not.

Many on the market help keep odors down and are quite easy to use.

5 stars for Delta Eclipse Changing Table
Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Black Cherry
Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Black Cherry

If you can spend a bit more, this Delta Eclipse Changing Table is made to be very sturdy and includes a changing pad, so there is no need for extra expense. There are two open shelves for storage as well.


Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

I like this Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with 3 Baskets and Hamper because of the hamper! Now there is no need for an additional laundry basket for your child.

Six Basket Badger Changing Table

For a simple table, I prefer this Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets. These baskets keep your supplied organized but also out of sight of young children that might want to get into them. It comes with a changing pad as well.

Jayden 3 Drawer Changer Dresser in Espresso
Jayden 3 Drawer Changer Dresser in Espresso

For a dresser style table, you might like this DaVinci Roxanne 3 Drawer Changing Table since it can easily match your nursery decor. This does not come with a changing pad.


© 2013 Brandon Hart

What kind of diaper changing table works best for you?

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    • BEEZKNEEZ profile image


      5 years ago

      I like the dresser changing tables because I feel like it give me so much more storage space for all the little items that I have.


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