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Baking Soda - A Green Cleaning Hero

Updated on February 28, 2011
Baking soda.
Baking soda. | Source

Oh, the wonders of baking soda, it is one of those naturally green products that assist us in our everyday chores, is inexpensive and has multiple uses. I am personally a huge fan and believer in any product that can do a lot of things all at once.

Baking soda is one of those products, it is an everyday, multiple use product that most of us keep in our homes and it aids us in numerous ways making our lives and everyday tasks less challenging.

If you have small children using natural products like baking soda is a great way not to cause allergies and chemical reactions but even beyond keeping baby healthy baking soda helps the environment and we are all for that, so we should all be getting on the band wagon to slow down the abuse of the planet as much as possible.

Using baking soda to clean is green:

1. It freshens, neutralizing household odors, in the kitchen, the fridge, bathroom, clothes, carpet, garbage cans, litter boxes, drains and dishwashers.

2. It scrubs without abusing the surface it is used on, soap scum, grease stains and tougher stains.

3. It boosts your laundry detergent for fresher, cleaner clothes, and brighter whites.

4. Puts out fires, small ones caused by grease, it neutralizes the fatty acids.

As a paste :

Baking soda pastes are made by adding enough water to the powder until it looks like frosting.


1. Cleaning your oven, and microwave

2. Cleaning grease stains

3. Itch out of poison ivy

4. On the car battery to neutralize corrosion

Adding to water:

1. Washing dishes - cuts grease and softens hands

2. Clean sponges - soak 2 tablespoons in one pint of water

3. Whiten socks - mix 1/2 cup in with gallon water and soak

4. Cleaning Iron cookware - two tsps of water added to one quart of water in the pot and boil

5. Toilet stains - add to water and scrub

6. Clean car windshield - 1/2 cup baking soda in one quart of water

7. Laundry - add with detergent or to the rinse cycle

With white vinegar:

1. Toilet cleaner and deodorizer 

2. Brighter whites

3. Dissolving stains

Baking soda alone:

1. Grease fires - sprinkle to douse

2. Stinky shoes - sprinkle in shoes

3. Sprinkle over the dog or cat any animal with fur that is stinky

4. Septic tank - flush a cup or two down the toilet

Baking soda as a natural product made of a compound known as sodium bicarbonate. Found naturally in the environment or chemical made.


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