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Barter Bistro - Day 13 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Updated on February 8, 2011

Barter Bistro - Day 13

Interesting items on Craigslist last night. Free Food Scraps for Swine Farm” under the “free” section. A nearby restaurant has scraps to “farm’ out to worthy recipients. I do not know know of any pig farmers around here. There are a few school groups and “things that go bang” and “boy toys” ATV’s, diving equipment, very expensive kayaks, tattoos for vehicles. No worms and my 30 Day Challenge to develop a Worm Ranch is almost half over. I have a pretty good idea why it took the guy bartering the paperclip a year to do so. It is pokey going.

My goal was to have worms doing their wormy thing in my composter and me on my way to finding a roto tiller for a fall garden. A girl can dream, can’t she?

I went to a Farmer’s Market two weeks ago and asked them if they ever have any need to purchase blackberries. The market man said, “Yes! Do you have some?” I said, “Noooo, I do not, but I was thinking of planting a few bushes of something that will be really hard to kill, and I think blackberries will be great. I had success with them years ago but they get overgrown very quickly and handpicking the berries probably tricky.” He said that he buys from a lot of local growers and if I was interested to take a little clear plastic tub to determine if his price of $1.25 per tub would be worth my trouble. I could stay in touch with him until the spring. I mean EVERYBODY plants cucumbers, jalapenos and peppers. I am interested in doing what no one wants to do. Eggplant would be nice, and I am wondering how hard peanuts would be to grow. I have been called a “goober” before. Bartering is where it is at actually, I know a few people who grow zucchini and tomatoes already and I would like to trade something that I can’t grow for something that I can.

Just great, I can sell something I don’t have yet. Juuuust great (not in a good way).

I went to the nursery and blackberry bushes are $20 per bush. Ouch blackberries are thorny AND pricey. I would need probably eight bushes to get some good sturdy shoots to get berries. That is $160 in advance of bushes bearing any fruit in which I’ll have to pray that the Lord will provide 150 tubs of berries to breakeven my first year. This will not leave me any extra for birds, nature and my own berries to make jam. This doesn’t sound very “fruitful”. Har har.

I will go back to worms --- not worms AND blackberries.

I think I skipped a day of Hubbing, but can’t find my draft. I thought it was a funny one, darn it.

Barter Bistro Project and Scope Flexibility: 10
Frustration over my space bar hopping to another part of the page: 11
Patience: -1


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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Gotta admit your casual openness was refreshing and fun, a "goober" eh? Having used the term I just don't see it.