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Barter Bistro - Day Five / Composter is in the Truck

Updated on September 26, 2010

We MAY add a Puppy to our Home Quicker than Worms!

At 8:58 am we were meeting Composter Poster in the parking lot of Whataburger. I was going to make hubby a special Waffle and maple sausage breakfast but we voted to eat at Whataburger after trading.

We are all on time!

I showed Composter Poster my items of jewelry, (pearl neckace, southwest bracelet, silver heart broach and Liz Claiborne turqoise bracelet and NIB matching earlings in Macy's box. The hats and moccasins too.

After polishing up my silver items earlier in the am, I was beginning to reconsider the Southwest items and that silver heart was looking really good, but I really want the composter.

The gentleman wanted the Matching jewelry set from Macy's! Yeah, I get to keep the other stuff for just a little bit longer!

I asked if he was happy? He said he was and that he originally bought the composter from Arbor Gate. A foo foo gardening place that has great roses, cllinics and stuff. My sister took a welding class for yard art there a few years back.

I will have a picture the composter on my future blogs. The wire was coated, it collapsed flat and had a simple stand alone tower in the middle for better aerration. He said he used it only a little bit.

He said, "Good Luck with your worm quest! They make me squimish!"

BOTH Hubby and I said at the EXACT same time. "They make me (her) squimish, too!", and we all laughed. Mine was more of a heh, heh kind of laugh instead of a HA HA kind of laugh ....  Hubby and I sure think alike some days.

We'll find out pretty soon who is laughing and if worms will be happy in my backyard.....

Hubby and I are very happy! We talked about "Squeak, the dog" during a large part of breakfast. (Earlier Post had dogs listed on Craigslist for adoption at Mutts and Meows)

Time spent: 15 minutes
Cost: $9.67 for Breakfast
Gas: Not much
Distance: 10 miles round trip


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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Took me a minute to find this but I was happy to keep up. I am seeing the backlinks here (I believe they are called) and will be interested to see how they are created.