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Barter Bistro - Days 14, 15 & 16 Inching into Action

Updated on February 8, 2011

No news is...alas, no news

Craigslist has been diligently scoured everyday since my last hub. Craigslist never fails to disappoint on the interesting stuff. A Santa suit is out there to be bartered or bought for $250. Must be some kind of Santa suit, huh. A donkey. Hmm...Hubby said he thought I already had one of those... wink wink. Which by the way reminds me to mention that it has become essential for Hubby and I to add "wink, wink" to the end of every open ended statement or thought mentioned to make sure that the other party understands that they are just kidding. A NOT just kidding remark would be "Wink? Wink?"

My playful and serious ideas sometimes get mixed up for him especially since I have bucket lists, wish lists, and now barter lists. I shout out the absurd barter posts to get any nibbles of interest. We have not acted on pursuing any of them, but muse them over dinner to get interesting banter.

Hubby found the two wholesale size Preen garden weed prevention containers in the garage. They are very enormous, and whenever I get my actual garden set up they will come in handy. I read that you can't use weed preventer in the composter as it burns the worms. It pays to be armed with knowledge if you are taking care of something!

I have been researching worms on the intranet. Worm Tacos was an actual recipe. Worm recipes was an actual site. Who knew? Tsk, tsk. Where have I been? I must live under a rock. I knew that there just had to be a protein source for worms, I just had not explored the power of the intranet to find recipes.

I do not think I will get very far with serving freezed dried worms or fried worms as I had enough difficulty with introducing "turkey burgers" to the family. The push back with serving worms will be more of a culinary humiliation as when my young son told me that his peanut butter and jelly sandwich had bones in it. I tried something new and bought the crunchy peanut butter. It was the last time.

No worms. No interest in my worm barter post from last week.

Entertaining Worm Recipes: 11
Money Spent: $0


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