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Magazine Racks for Bathrooms - Wall Or Tank?

Updated on July 5, 2017

Do You Love to Read In The Bathroom?

Are you the type of person who enjoys spending "time" in the bathroom? If so, a bathroom magazine rack is a great addition to your bathroom for useful and decorative purposes. We all require time in the bathroom so what better way to occupy your mind with some reading material. Having that reading material at arms length in the bathroom is rather convenient---OK, you get the picture. Let's move forward and see the different types of racks that are available for your bathroom.


"Git Ja Paper Here!"

We can recall these images from older movies of the caller yelling out to passerby to pick up their "hot-off-the-press" newspaper! Connected to that newspaper stand were weeklies, magazines, cigarettes and sweets. Do you think our current day magazine racks rolled off from this type of merchandising? Probably so.

If you live in the big city, you still see this every day. But for those of us in the burbs or the country, not so much. How about creating your own newsstand in a place you might want it the most - the bathroom!

How About A Wall Mounted Rack

Wall mounted racks give a good compromise between the cost of the tank mount and the size of the freestanding models on the floor. This type of rack can be mounted where they are easily accessible, can be larger in size if needed, often holding not only some reading material but extra toilet tissue or other supplies. They are also available in a wider range of finishes, like wood or even a wire mesh finish.

Magazine Racks To Hang On The Tank

These are generally the least expensive and easiest to mount, but often can be difficult to reach and have a limited storage space. They are easy to install, they just hang on the tank, out of the way. Often they are a simple metallic finish like chrome, but if you have issues with condensation, the metallic type may not be the best for you. Their size is limited so if you like to keep several magazines in your bathroom stash, you may need a bigger rack than a tank mounted one. Also, this limits your cleaning capabilities on the outside of the tank.

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste..."

— Slogan of the United Negro College Fund

Towel Racks and Magazine Holders

Towel racks are some of the largest magazine racks for the home. These can stand several feet high, and are sized primarily to hold drying towels or other linens. But the bottom rack is often designed to hold magazines or other reading materials. These are great for a larger bathroom, one that has a little more floor space.

Underneath the bottom rack there is usually a towel rung where you can complete "the look" and hang a decorative towel to add to your d├ęcor.

Finally, you will need to stock your magazine racks with something to read. Rather than have only magazines in there (ah yes, we do forget to replenish the stock and sometimes find very old issues dating years back, don't we?), consider a bathroom reader as a source of short, informational reads.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Expanding Your Mind and Not Wasting Time

The first of this series was published years ago, with many new editions still being published. The "chapters" are short one-to-two page summaries of the classics. These books contain short informational antidotes that will occupy and expand your mind.

An easy hard to find gift, too!

What's Your Favorite Magazine Rack?

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      Great ideas.

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      Interesting read - thanks for sharing! :)

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